Great Uncle Pete are a Rock Band.

That's Rock as in the thing Samuel Johnson kicked in an attempt to refute George Berkeley's immaterialistic claim that matter only seemed to exist (though in actual fact Boswell, reporting on the incident, says it was a "stone" that Johnson kicked, but you get the idea. The Stones certainly rocked, though, that's the sure).

And Band as in "rubber band", which was what the boys had to string their guitars with in the early days when they were too poor to buy strings.

A prominent Wellington psychologist, and one time band "clapper" (and who specialises in head injuries - of which most of the band members have been declared "probably mostly unlikely to suffer from"), likes to point out that: 

  "Great Uncle Pete is more than a band - it's a way of life."

He may be a quack, but he's right. And where there is life, there is Great Uncle Pete. Still. 

Great Uncle Pete write their own songs. Some of them a funny, some of them are strange, some of them are both, some of them are neither. The Great Uncle Pete band has been around since the early 1990s. There was no internet back in those days. If we wanted to send a message to someone we had to carve it into a hunk of rock, and lob it in the general direction on the intended recipient. Ah, times were tough. 

Being now grown up (sort of) and having embraced the technological advances of the age (as one might do to a lone sheep), we would here by like to present you the latest release of out website. Pretty much like the last one, really. We have some songs on YouTube. Thank-you.

If you're interested in knowing more, contact Steve at