Well, here it is. Up here for anyone who is interested. The complete history of the band. Painstaking compiled and edited over many years by Steve Morrison, with additional contributions by Leath J. Powell (noted Rock Linguist).

I've tried to include background information where appropriate, because seemingly irrelevant things can become relevant later on in the piece. Often when I've added information, I have also amended or added previous entries - in the light of later events. So don't think I'm being prophetic when you read some of the entries. This is not like a diary or a blog.

This history says it like it was. It's a warts and all account. Anyone out there with further information to add, or photos from gigs, or whatever, please contact the me at this website.

The birth of a band

So what was the moment of conception for Great Uncle Pete? When was it that the sperm of the father fertilized the egg of the mother?

It's after school on a mild autumn day in early 1989. At Paremata railway station an out-going Anglican with tight black curly hair walks up to the skinny, bronzed builders son with big front teeth he's seen around school and on the train, and says these three words: "Hi, I'm Simon".

That was it. Bernard lived in Whitby and him and I were good friends through much of our college and university years. So through Bernard, Simon and I became friends, and the band gestated for perhaps a little over nine months until Simon and I met Ryan in 6th form chemistry. Then a band was born.


Monday 28 May 1990

Steve buys a flash red Fender guitar from that scaly little man at Shand Millars. It has to be red to honour a tradition. Steve's all time guitar hero tells a story of how when he was young "?the only thing I wanted was a red electric guitar?". He got that guitar, and so Steve must also get his guitar.

Simon is with Steve for this occasion, and part of the reason Steve decides to buy it is because him and Simon have made a pledge to get some gigs together.

The boys are keen, but do not as yet have a band.

Sometime in late 1990

Steve and Si meet a tall fellah Peter Garret -like figure called Ryan Overend in a 6 Form Chemistry class. While Si and Steve are discussing their lack of drummer, Ry says "I play drums".

Wednesday 14 November 1990

A day that shocked the nation: David Grey rampages through the small town of Aramoana on the Otago Harbour and massacres 13 people in an ordeal lasting 24 hours. Leath Powell starts his exam leave for School Certificate and also starts learning to play guitar. Both events inspire the Muttonbirds' Don MacGlashan to write "A Thing Well Made".

Tuesday 20 November 1990

Guitar hopeful Leath Powell continues to learn how to play the guitar with the aid of a chord charts book. Luckily his Mum is out because he should be studying for School Cert. He composes the first song of his extremely successful song writing career, a song about tropical cyclones.

Tuesday 27 November 1990

Steve and Si attend the "Midnight Oil" concert at the Show and Sports Centre in Wellington. Ry went separately but the three boys did meet at one stage and exchange thoughts on the way Rob Hurst (Oil's drummer) played percussion on the water tank. Mr Johnson, when picking up Steve and Si, comments on the dope he can smell on their clothes. This is the band's first drug scandal.


Wednesday 9 January 1991

Steve, Si and fellow sixth former Wayne Quin returned home from a "best forgotten" camping trip to Otaki, but unbeknownst to them this was also the day on which Leath Powell first introduces himself as "Jack". The change (from his middle name, John) is symbolic of his internal dissatisfaction, and a precursor to his coming religious conversion.

Monday 4 February 1991

Leath is itching to get into a band... after conversing with Robert O'Grady, Ian Cameron and Maree Paterson, a band is coming into fermentation. The band is to be called "MC Jack".

This was one of the first important signs that Steve and Leath were destined for each other, as the first band Steve was in (back in Form 2, called "The Nobs") also contained Robert O'Grady on guitar. Coincidence? I think not.

Tuesday 5 February 1991

Maree, the lyricist for the newly formed MC Jack band, submits some lyrics for some songs for which Leath has written some music. In his personal journal, Leath writes "Get some MC Jack songs from Maree, but not good".

Also on this day, Martin Crowe was out for 299 against Sri Lanka and Steve has a band practice with Grant, Ian and Cathy for an outdoor concert they were involved with. Little did Steve know that the same Ian Cameron practising with him was also practising with Leath Powell.

Friday 8 February 1991

Leath has his first ever real guitar lesson. He enrols with the Tawa College Music Department, and gets quite a buzz by the fact that he misses some of English (Mr. Wilderman, on the other hand, is disgruntled). He learns how to tune a guitar.

Friday 15 February 1991

Leath learns how to pick.

Monday 4 March 1991

The First Theatre Sports Practice of the year seems an unlikely setting for one of the most dramatic meetings of all rock history: The scene is the Tawa College Hall, it's about 3:30pm, and a large gathering of would-be thespians have gathered for the gay activities that thespians engage in. Amongst the crowd are two young men who will become very strategic for Leath in the future of Great Uncle Pete. One is a familiar train boy from Paremata, named Simon. The other is a lad that Leath has not met before. While playing a name game, Leath enquires of the young man's name:
-So what is your name?
-No, no. Ryan.
-No, Ryan. Ryan.
-No! RYAN!
-Oh, Ryan! [that's a funny name]
-What's your name?
-Jack. Are we sure Simon was there? In Steve's diary it says "Bernard and Simon went to Western Colleges Athletics Sports all day" (Si was representing the school in "walking")

Thursday 7 March 1991

Leath learns how to play bar chords. A skill that will put the Great Uncle Pete band at the cutting edge of Rock Technology.

Friday 15 March 1991

Today he learns the "Blues Scale". Little does he know at this point, but this scale will revolutionize his life.

Saturday 23 March 1991

40 Hour famine weekend. Leath moves to Tawa as his parents go overseas. Leath celebrates his newly found social surroundings by making his debut at the St. Stephens Church. He's looking for friends Maree and Ian. Did he catch a glimpse of his future soul partner, Stephen James Morrison here?

Steve is at this event. On the Saturday night Steve, Murray and Fran drove up to Te Karaka (where is that, I ask?) to do a music seminar for a group of Girls Brigade Leaders. Steve is put on the spot in front of these 60 women when Murray used him as an example of a guitarist who had taught himself. Murray says "play anything". Steve played a simple blues riff which Murray joins in on keyboard.

Steve makes the comment in his dairy: "It was the first time a group of people had clapped me".

Sunday 21 April 1991

Leath goes to the St. Stephens Youth Group with Richard & Janine Burke, with whom he is boarding. He is invited to go on a camp.

On this very night at this very same youth group, Steve is first asked by Murray Cameron to play guitar for the Wellington Hospital Repertory Theatre's production of West Side Story. This is a very significant event, as it was to be the first of many such shows Steve was to play guitar for. It has been at these shows Steve has met many of the musicians with which he has filled his bands.

Friday 26 April 1991

This is the first night of that famous Tawa Union Parish Youth Group camp at Ngatiawa where Stephen James Morrison first comes into verbal contact with Leath John Powell. It happened like this.

As part of the "be nice to people" aspect of the camp the organisers had set up a system of Secret Friends. The names of all camp members were written on small pieces of paper, folded, and put in a hat, each person then being required to draw out a name, and over the remainder of the weekend aiming to do lots of nice things for that person without them suspecting you.

Steve found himself in the socially embarrassing situation of drawing out the name of a person he didn't know. The scrap of paper he held in his hand simply said "Jack". Steve panicked.

The he decided, since he knew everyone else on the camp, this "Jack" person might be the tall skinny friend that Ian Cameron had brought along. However, instead of discretely approaching Ian for conformation, he strode directly up to the new boy and said "Hi, are you Jack?".

Steve hadn't considered that the new boy might guess what he was up to, but he soon realised his mistake when, in a voice that implied "you're only talking to me because you have to", the boy replied "Oh, so you're my secret friend are you?"

Later in the evening an historic jam took place. Stephen Morrison, Leath Powell, Nigel Burt and a very young Mathew Paton, all playing guitars together. It is interesting to see that Leath's first jam with Steve was also Leath's first jam with Mat, and maybe even Steve's first jam with Mat - Mathew not becoming a regular member of Great Uncle Pete until 1996.

Leath's secret friend was Rachel Bayliss for whom he did nothing.

Saturday 3 May 1991

With Steve's family away Simon and Ryan come round for a jam. Quote from Steve's diary: "...recorded a song (3 chords repeated) - it was 12 minutes long..." ("Simon" - probably with no lyrics, though - I think I have this one on tape - not sure). Does anybody remember when "Simon" was actually written?

Tuesday 13 May 1991

Similar situation... another jam with the boys (until Steve's neighbour rang up to complain about the noise)

Tuesday 21 May 1991

Seventh former Steve has his first real non youth group jam with forth former Mat. Mathew's mother organised it, I think.

Tuesday 28 May 1991

Steve's diary: "Miranda was talking about being a singer, keyboardist or cage dancer in a band, today. Ryan and I dropped subtle hints that we wanted someone to do those tasks, she didn't really pick up on it though". The band was going to be called "Miranda".

Wednesday 29 May 1991

Today Ryan, Grant and Steve realise that everything they have studied in 7 Form English with Mrs Greenlees has been related to a sex scandal in some way. "Othello" was about sex and prostitution, Wordsworth was supposed to have had sex with his sisters, Katherine Mansfield was a bisexual and a bit of a slut, and "The Color Purple" is all about lesbians and rape. In Steve's diary is the comment "what's the bet our non-fiction book will be 'The Beginners Guide To Sodomy'".

Meanwhile, Leath has a haircut. He also breaks his bass 'E'-string. Leath is still yearning to find his spiritual home. He forms another nowhere band, this time a blues band with Mark Edgecombe and Colin Marshall. He believes that a bass player can simulate playing a bass guitar using the first four strings of a six string.

Thursday 6 June 1991

Leath buys his very first electric guitar. At the music shop, while admiring the different shapes and colours and number of strings of the guitar, he overhears a conversation between a customer and the shop assistant.
-Are you all right there with that, sir?
-I'm just trying out this Strat.
-Yes, it's quite nice that one, isn't it?
-Yes, very nice.

Leath wonders "What is so nice about the strap? and why does he have to try out that strap? surely he can wear it like any other?".

After purchasing his prize, he meets Colin Marshall on the triumphant train ride home. Colin asks what kind of guitar is it. Leath replies "a red one".

Sunday 9 June 1991

Leath has a jam at the Cameron's house with his new red guitar, with Ian, Rommel, and Colin playing the "top four strings" bass guitar (i.e.. a six string).

In fact, the guitar Colin used here may have had a future as the "Green Guitar". Steve was given an old acoustic by Murray Cameron, which he fixed up and painted, but in later years it was discovered that Colin had borrowed that same guitar from Murray prior to it being entrusted to Mr Morrison.

Steve was at Cameron's this fine Sunday evening from about 8:30. He had a practice with Murray - something that became very rare as Murray and Steve got more confidence in their combined ability to perform without rehearsal. Steve possibly hears the band-like tunes whistling across those audible wave lengths.

Jean Cameron sums up Leath band practice quite well: "With a bit more practice, you might get there".

Sunday 23 June 1991

After Youth Group, Leath asks Steve about his guitaring dilemma: He has broken 3 guitar strings in the last 2 days. What could be the problem? He is also having tuning difficulties. Can Mr Morrison come to the rescue?

Monday 23 June 1991

Steve goes round to Cameron's for another practice. Leath is there wanting his new guitar strung and tuned. When this task was completed, Ian, Jack and Steve play the Dire Straits tune "So Far Away", which Steve has recently learned the lead guitar part for. They rock.

Friday 5 July 1991

Steve's family go away. Ryan and Steve, in an hour of great excitement, sew the bands first 'Theological Robes' out of old sheets. They then write two new songs "Tauranga" and "Theology". Simon arrives a little later and Steve and Ry put on a concert for him performing the two new songs and the old classic "Simon, we want you to sing for us". At some stage prior to Simon arriving, Ry and Steve record the two new songs. We have both these on tape, with bass over-dubbed by Steve the next day).

Saturday 6 July 1991

Leath plays a game of soccer against a Newlands College team. Was this the first time he had a sporting relation with ace drummer, Michael Thomas? The Tawa team lost 4-1.

Monday 8 July 1991

First (and only) music video. Steve and Ry filmed Ry lip-syncing "King Of The Mountain" (Midnight Oil).

Wednesday 17 July 1991

Tawa College's 30 Birthday. A touching moment for everyone, and a mufti day to celebrate. Steve and his friend Richard Carver were asked by Miranda (head of social committee or something) to count the money raised.

Friday 19 July 1991

Ryan found the Mitsubishi Mirage front grill that graced the bands live concerts for so long.

Wednesday 31 July

Boys get marks for a chemistry test back. Steve 5.5, Si 1.5, Ry 0 out of 20. They subsequently decide against pursuing chemistry as a career.

Thursday 1 August 1991

Si and Steve drive out the Makara Beach during point 7 and lunch. Why Makara? Because it was there. In later years Makara Beach was to become Great Uncle Pete's spiritual home (whenever we kill sheep they have to be facing Makara - that sort of thing).

Monday 12 August 1991

Steve's diary: "Ryan came home for lunch. Spent about five minutes working on a song for Windy FM about Wellington (Ryan had lost the words he'd written)... Ryan and I decided today to call the band "Auntie Pete" - weird enough name. Spent time working on the music for our Wellington song - it's going well"

Tuesday 13 August 1991

Changed band name to "Great Uncle Pete".

Wednesday 13 August 1991

Diary: "Simon reckons it's the randy season"

Wednesday 21 August 1991

Had a band recording session. Tried to record "Wellington", but didn't get a good enough version - left lounge set up (were Steve's parents away? Don't think so). "Wellington" was originally going to be a completely different song from "Simon", but we couldn't come up with anything so we stole the tune and chords from "Simon".

Thursday 22 August 1991

At interval Si, Ry and I went up to our place. Recorded "Wellington" (called it "Best City In The World") music in the lounge by 12:30. Moved stereo into toilet, all piled in, and recorded Simon singing semi-impromptu lyrics - flushed toilet at the end. Got back to Chemistry at 1:35pm. Relieving teacher didn't mind - she thought our excuse was legitimate and kept saying "good on you". Motored into town after school with Si and Ry to take tape to Windy. Found we were required to write out the lyrics on the form provided, but we could only remember chorus. This horrific experience is probably the root of the bands reluctance to write large amounts of lyrics to future songs.

Friday 23 August 1991

Listened to Windy in the morning. They didn't play out song and we didn't win. Oh well. That afternoon we had an outdoor concert on our deck (hot sunny day) to an audience consisting of Bernard. Paul Hatton joined later - he said he'd heard it from the other side of the park. I remember we played "River Runs Red" (Oil's) and I assume we played the other classics ("Wellington", "Tauranga", "Theology"). This was the night some guys followed us home and crashed into the back of the Anglia.

Sunday 22 September 1991

Had a jam at Ry's. Got "Sometimes" (Oil's) sussed! (according to my diary)

Friday 27 September 1991

After an ISCF meeting at the Edgecombe's, Leath goes into town with Simon & Ryan. He has a great bonding time with the boys, and as the boys talk about their newly founded band, Leath says "Hey, I want to join a band".

The boys say they would have to talk it over with their third member. Leath asks who it is. It is, of course, Stephen James Morrison. With a burst of enthusiasm Leath declares that he is acquainted to the gentleman concerned. This could be the beginning of a critical musical union.

Leath was recruited for his vast supply of original songs - well he had more than the rest of us, anyway. During this time?

It was here, sometime, Steve was told about Leath's desire to join the band.

Friday 25 October 1991

Went to Si's with Ry and Leath (and Jeremy). Leath had heaps of songs he's written. Steve's diary says: "we could be hot". Can't remember much of what we played, though I seem to recall us playing "Ohingaiti", however this is strange since I don't think Leath taught it to me till the next day? hmmm?

Saturday 26 October 1991

Went to Ryan's birthday party. Leath and Steve start getting to know each other better on a musical basis - Leath plays "Ohingaiti Chicken Blues" to Steve (who was very impressed)

Friday 1 November 1991

ISCF BBQ. The guys from Ryan's birthday who were there (i.e. Andrew Shepherd and Bronwyn Halse etc...) wanted a concert. So took Leath home to get his guitar. This was the night "Sausages", and "Guitars On The Run" were written.

Saturday 2 November 1991

Leath and Steve had their first jam down the phone (is this when Leath plays Steve "Opunaki" for the first time?)

Sunday 3 November 1991

Leath announces that Mrs. Murray has agreed to let us play at the Monster Listen In (following Friday). Si said we shouldn't, Ry was more relaxed. Later the boys decided to give it one practice to see if we were good enough.

Monday 3 November 1991

Had our practice - decided we were crap.

Sunday 10 November 1991

Steve and Leath come up with 'Tauranga, or Bust, or Both' theme for coming summer tour.

Thursday 5 December 1991

Si performs in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" round this time

Saturday 7 December 1991

Ry and Steve decide they want to go carol singing - but can't find any music. End up going to the to of Victory Cres and recording a tape for Simon (recorded). We wrote two new songs "God Rest Ye Merry, Simon Johnson" (Later called: "Carol Singing") and "This Is Our New Song" - featuring a horn solo - Ryan on the Tredia horns (I have some recordings from this night, though Si may still have the complete tape).

Wednesday 18 December 1991

Had a jam outside in the sun on Johnson's deck (Steve, Si and Ry)

Friday 20 December 1991

Went carol singing with YG. Then Leath and Steve went touring round K-Mart (open all night). Leath first plays Steve "Goodbye", a song he'd written about Lee Knowles. Leath and Steve met Simon (and Ryan?) at Carmen's party in Papakowhai.

Dec 1991 - Jan 1992 - Tauranga, or Bust, or Both Tour

Steve, Leath, Si, Ry, with photography by Wayne Quin

Sunday 29 December 1991

- Foxton - busked ("Foxton Calling")
- Rata (recorded)
- Ohingaiti (recorded)
- Ryan's Grand-parents house - Tauranga (this was recorded - Leath has the only copy)

Tuesday 31 December 1991

- Tauranga Market

New Years Eve

- Steve breaks side mirror on Tredia,
- Si busted by police (suspected of carrying alcohol)
- The boys visit the Jesus Tent


Wednesday 1 January 1992

- Bayfair Shopping Mall

Thursday 2 January 1992

- Leath teaches Steve "Mr Fishmonger" and "Age of Aquarius"

Friday 3 January 1992

- Papamoa Beach

Saturday 4 January 1992

- drove home

Tour Slang: wife = babe, slurpie = intense kissing, Moa = Papamoa, Ronga = Tauranga, Nui = Mt. Maunganui. On this tour we compiled the list of rude words. Tour quotes: "Even the 14 year olds are beautiful!" (Si), "Show us ya flanger!" (Steve). Other tour songs "Stop, Girl", "Foxton Calling".

Tuesday 7 Jan 1992

Builders come to pour concrete for new music room at Steve's place.

Tuesday 13 January 1992

Leath, Si, Ry and Steve go tramping in the "Rongers" Tramping quotes: "The spaghetti is not ready to eat yet", "Oh, well we can watch TV for a bit longer then", "If we run out of milk powder we can always run down to the dairy and get some more", "Trying to keep the fire going is like flogging a dead horse", Leath writes / plays "Uncle Luce" Perhaps during these few days?

Sometime in here Andrew Shepherd became our manager

Friday 17 January 1992

Steve goes to Parachute

Sunday 19 January 1992

Leath, Si, Ry turn up unexpectedly. Leath, Steve and Julie Gunn spend evening: (a) finding a guitar, (b) publicising the band, (c) playing short, impromptu concerts - had to watch out for security guards who wanted us to be quite.

Wednesday 22 Jan 1992

The famous "Mrs Johnson's Arousal" incident (as Leath calls it). Tonight Leath, Ry and Steve had a jam in the new music room - I think we have a photo of this.

It was 10pm, and Steve was taking Leath home to Whitby. On the way the boys decided to stop in at Si's to hassle him about not having come to the band practice earlier that evening. Leath and Steve park the Tredia at the bottom of the driveway and walk up with their guitars. They see that there are still some lights on in the house, but they feel that it's too late to knock on the door. Instead they decide to serenade Simon outside his bedroom window. This poses a problem. When inside the house, there are three flights of steps to be climbed to get to place where Simon sleeps. Once inside the house, direction ceases to exist, and it can all become a little disorientating. So, standing at the top of the driveway, Steve and Leath are faced with the question - which window is Simon's?

They think they've sorted it out, and they scramble through the bushes along the right-hand side of the house. They soon come to a concrete block wall (or some other obstacle) which they can't get around. They also, about this time, get a feeling that they might be on the wrong side of the house. So they go back down to the Tredia.

Once inside the car they draw a map of the Johnson's house to determine exactly which window is Simon's. During this process they discover that the window that they were below was that of the master bedroom. Oh well. With a new plan of attack they once again walk up the driveway.

This time they make their way down the left-hand side of the house. For some reason, perhaps another impassable object, they decide to turn back and continue on their journey home. They walk down the driveway hop into the Tredia and continue driving east along Kahu Road. A the junction with the "round the bays" road, they turn right and head towards Whitby. Once in Whitby they find a new subdivision and sit outside with their guitars singing and making up verses for Cm9. Steve eventually drops Leath at his Mother's and travels back home to Tawa.

The next morning Steve calls up Simon to tell him of their adventures the previous night, but Simon has an even more exciting adventure to share?

It was 10pm and the Johnson family were all in their beds. Mrs Johnson was then aroused by a rustling in the bushes outside her bedroom window. She thought nothing of it. Then it happened again. This time she thought to hear voices accompanying it. "Did you hear that, dear?" she asked her husband. "Huh? What's that, darling?" came the reply. Mrs Johnson got out of bed, put on her dressing gown, opened her bedroom window and peered out. Her suspicions were confirmed. In the shrubbery below her window she saw two figures, one dressed in white. She froze for a moment, then turned to her husband who had joined her at the window, "There's someone out there!" she gasped, in a choked whisper.

Mr Johnson immediately called the police. He then went and told his children, Lisa and Simon that there were strange people lurking around the property.

Simon and his father then decided it would be a really heroic thing to do to go outside and chase the trespasses away. They selected the only weapons they could find, some pieces of firewood, and went outside. The trespasses couldn't be seen. Simon and his father ran down the driveway, only too a car speed off. It was a blue Mitubishi Tredia, registration LS7604. "We'll catch them now!", thought Simon, not recognising the car or numberplate. Just the police car arrived. The Johnson boys jumped in shouting "Follow that car!". Much to Simon's disappointment the police didn't put the siren or lights on. They just tried to catch up to the Tredia without being disturbing to the neighbours or driving dangerously. At the bottom of Kahu Road the police had lost sight of the Tredia and hadn't known which way it had turned. "They probably turned left, and headed back into town" said the constable. So the police turned left too, but it soon became apparent that they had lost the trespasses, so with their tails between their legs they turned for home.

Later on that night the police informed that Johnson's that they had traced the car to a Linden address. Still the penny didn't drop with Simon. And he and the rest of his family spent a sleepless night jumping at every little sound, knowing the trespasses were still out there. Somewhere. When Steve and Leath heard this story they were scared two. That afternoon they met at Plimmerton beach wearing disguises and contemplated jail.

It was a long time until Steve and Leath could face the Johnson family again, but when they did, and apologised, everyone had a bit of a laugh and all was forgiven.

Thursday 23 Jan 1992

Leath & Steve find out from Si what really happened at the Johnson's. We go to Plimmerton Beach on the train and, with our dark glasses on, contemplate jail

Sunday 2 Feb 1992

Leath rings up Steve, excitedly, saying that some girl had come up to him at Strikeline and asked: "Are you a member of Great Uncle Pete?". This girl is drummer Mike's girlfriend's older sister (Katherine Dovey).

Wednesday 5 Feb 1992

In the afternoon Steve and Leath write and record "A Little Jazz Number" and "The Spleen Song". Later there's a Jam with Si, Ry, Andrew, Leath, Steve (Mark? - diary says he went home, though I'm sure he was on the later recordings). Was this when we recorded "Age of Aquarius" (with the flute solo) and "Goodbye" (the "Look, guys, this is a recording, so just shut up" version).

Saturday 15 Feb 1992

Steve and Ry decide to put the band on hold till after Si gets a bass - which won't be until after he gets back from Hawaii in April.

Saturday 29 February 1992 - The Seal-Slaughtering Incident

This weekend signified a rite-of-passage ritual that Leath underwent in 7th form to celebrate his full drivers licence. Leath remembers being so excited organising the weekend on the phone beforehand that whilst in a doorway he jumped up and down and hurt his head. It featured Leath, Duncan, Ryan and Mark driving to the Wairarapa late one friday night, ending up in Martinborough and bursting into laughter as we had no idea what to do next.

It wasn't until after the boys arrived home that the finger of blame was momentarily pointed at them for the bludgeoning to death of a number of seals in Palliser Bay that weekend. It's something the band has never forgotten.

Mark Edgecombe explains: "The seal-slaughtering trip occurred on Saturday 29 February 1992, which happens to have been Jamie Linton's birthday, incidentally. The news report on the front page of the Evening Post has never been retrieved (Mon March 2); the only explanation I can offer is that it appeared in one edition of the paper that day, but not the other. When I looked for it in the Turnbull Library last year, I had no luck. However, the report said that the police were looking for four young men who had been seen in the Palliser Bay area in a grey Holden, "with idle time on their hands". When I rang the police on the Monday and revealed all, the guy said, "Yeah, so what do you want to say?" When I told him that that was about it - that four of us, with idle time on our hands, had been in Palliser Bay at the time of the slaughter in a grey Sprinter - he seemed to lose interest, and is probably ruing the fact to this day that he didn't chase us up. At least get us in for an interview."

"Other highlights of that trip include arriving in Martinborough on the Friday night, when it was starting to get dark. You parked the car. At that moment, the ridiculousness of our situation - no accommodation, no food, nothing to do at 8pm on a Martinborough Friday night - seemed to sink in. At least, for Leath, the Doctor and me, it did. We sat in the car and laughed loudly. Ryan [who apparently wasn't laughing] got out and went for a short walk, possibly to let off steam [actually, popular legend states that Ryan went to the pub that evening]. We camped at the place called Ferndale, or something, putting up the tent in the dark with the Sprinter's headlights on, four of us in a two-man tent, quite close together. I think it rained. Ryan may have got wet."

Sunday 8 March 1992

Ry, Si, Steve, Blake Feehan, Mark Tunnicliff, Adam Herd and Richard Murray formed a new band (no serious name as far as I can remember). Decided on four covers to learn.

Monday 9 March 1992

Leath calls Steve to tell him that he's getting GUP a gig at his church. Steve makes the comment in his diary "..he doesn't yet know about the new band" (did you ever know?)

Saturday 13 March 1992

Leath and Steve have a jam on the top of Mt Vic. Mark Edgecombe was there too - and some others possibly. This may have been where Steve first came up with the chorus for "Country Song" (see 20 June 92)

Friday 27 March 1992

Steve and Ry farewelled Si at the Airport, singing "Simon's Going To Hawaii". All Simon's Youth Choir mates thought it was a wonderful piece of music and apparently talked to Simon about it all the way to Hawaii in the plane. On the return flight they all wondered if those same boys would be their to greet Simon at Wellington airport and sing again. We weren't.

There were some classic stories that came out of this trip. Simon got himself a girlfriend from within the choir - we'll call her Kathy. Simon and Kathy spent many of the nights physically in bed together on a mattress on the deck of the hotel. It was all quite harmlessly - Si apparently turning down the offer to do 'other stuff' with the vastly more experienced Kathy. However, one thing they did do, which Si came home and in great detail told the band all about, was lick each others armpits. We all thought this sounded pretty disgusting.

Sunday 12 April 1992

Leath gets baptised

Thursday 30 April 1992

First morning prayer meeting at Steve's. Si, Ry, Leath, Andrew S, Duncan and Steve. Moved piano down into new room at Steve's place. Uncle Si a bass did buy! (the prayers must have worked!)

Friday 1 May 1992

At Steve's house GUP had it's 3 practice (according to my diary) - Si, Ry, Leath and Steve - sounded hot (again according to my diary)

Thursday 6 May 1992

GUP practice after prayer meeting

Thursday 3 June 1992

Around this time the boys find out that Ry's got a girlfriend.

Saturday 6 June 1992

Had another practice - sounded crap

Friday 19 - Saturday 20 June 1992

Leath, Steve, Mark, Duncan (Si tired, Andrew sick, Ry away). Mark went home after the Dictionary Game. With Steve's family away, Duncan and Leath stay the night Went to Mt Vic (?) Duncan & Steve rewrite/extend "Country Song". Later, at home, we recorded "Country Song", "Lorraine", "Last Song of The Side", "Suburbian Dream", "I want a Girl Friend" (middle of the night). Steve had to get up for Anti-Skid training on Saturday morning - 8am in town. Also recorded: "If It's True" (Saturday) Went on tour around Titahi Bay - Shepherd's. Dr & Steve wrote "Useless" (rather spontaneously). Concerts: Chapel Car Park (recorded), Lookout to Mana Island (recorded - this is the "Hey, look guys, I can swallow my joint" concert).

Thursday 25 June 1992

Leath came round during his point 7. Si turned up later too. This may have been the "Well I wonder where is Simon? Gosh, he should be here by now" recording session (recorded)

Friday 10 July 1992

Steve went round to Ry's for an acoustic jam.

Friday 17 July 1992

Ryan came over to Steve's because he was hungry. Ry has a real motorbike now.

Thursday 30 July 1992

Mat moves in with the Morrison's for the rest of the term. Mon 10 August 1992

Shepherd boys birthday - wrote "Happy Birthday, Yee-Ha". Sung it to them with Leath and Si.

Sunday 16 August 1992

Mat & Steve wrote and recorded "Jenny's Song".

Monday 17 August 1992

Duncan and Leath come to Steve's for a practice for the Jenny's farewell concert.

Wednesday 19 August 1992

Had another practice in afternoon at Steve's - Ryan, Duncan, Leath and Steve, with Hamish Wood on piano. In the evening we play at Jenny's farewell party (my diary says this was the first GUP concert - perhaps it was the first where we played to an invited audience), Milkops Garage - Deveron Pl, Tawa. Set list: "Country Song, Mr Fishmonger, Tauranga, Goodbye, Jenny's Song, Last Song, Encore: Sausages" Then went into a long version of "Opanaki", followed by "Leath Wants A Girlfriend", and also a new song called "Ryan Works For Sailor Sam" a couple of times. Band: Leath, Steve, Duncan, Ryan.

Sunday 23 August 1992

Steve and Si (? - may have been Warrick Hill on bass) play at Dave McEwen's 21 - Metro Nightclub, Manners St, Wellington - as "No Time To Rehearse". (with Danny Adams on Drums for "Rain")

Wednesday 26 August 1992

In Kuratau Steve talks to Danny Adams about GUP, and plays him some of our songs (eg "Country Song") - Danny's been one of our biggest fans ever since.

Saturday 29 August 1992

Steve's family go away - Duncan & Leath stay the night. Diary said we recorded some decent stuff.

Wednesday 3 September

Ryan came round with some Sailor Sam fish and chips.

Friday 3 September 1992

Kenny Marks plays Wellington - he loses his voice, but the backing tapes still work.

Saturday 5 September 1992

Boys (Steve, Ryan, Si, McKenzie) go tramping to Powell Hut. Steve and Ry take a bottle of Port and drink it with snow and Raro to make it go further. McKenzie asks people he doesn't know "So, what do you think about religion?".

Sunday 6 September 1992

Wrote on the wall of Mountain House: "Great Uncle Pete - Tour to the Tararua's September 1992 - played Powell Hut Stadium Saturday 5 September - GUP are: Steve - guitar, vox, Si - bass, vox, Ry: drums, vox, with special guest Mackers - dishes."

Saturday 12 September 1992

Steve and Si (?) play at Sharon Chiles' 21 - as "No Time To Rehearse"

Saturday 19 September 1992 (might be 26, 27 ?)

Tramp to Kime Hut - (Ryan, Andrew, Steve) - in "willy deep snow". Ry and Andrew play "Guess the card" while we melt snow for water (didn't know what a tarn was, or where it was.)

Saturday 10 October 1992

At El Rancho for YG camp, Mat and Steve start "The Wandering Nomads"

Sunday 11th October 1992

Mat and Steve write a song for Bronnie's 3 Form music composition called "The Cow Pat Song".

Thursday 15 October 1992

Steve Grace plays Waikanae (El Rancho) with backing tapes (Leath has a story about the Lower Hutt Concert (Sat 17) - fill it in where appropriate)

Friday 23 October 1992

Steve's family away. Steve, Leath, Duncan and Hamish Wood went to a party at Mandy's wrote "Green Bananas", "Melodies In The Car" and "Maree, You're Nice". Then had "The Great Uncle Pete Sausages Tour to Waikanae" (r) - Steve, Leath and Duncan. Cooked sausages for the audience but had to eat them ourselves since there was no one else there. On the way home wrote "Happy Birthday Ryan" on Ryan's window with shaving cream in the early morning, only to be told later that Ryan had been sleeping in another room that night because his Grandma (?) was sleeping in his room.

Saturday 23 October 1992

Andrew Walker has a party. Leath and Steve do a concert at the party with Leigh's bass and Walker's sound gear and guitar (Mat might remember this - ie what we played). Leath and Steve then went back to Steve's place and recorded "Melodies In The Car", "Green Bananas" and "Maree, You're Nice".

Friday 6 November 1992

TUPYG Guy Fawkes Night, and ISCF BBQ at Plimmerton beach. Did GUP play? I don't know (this might be "Negatives in the Sand" occasion). This was however the night Leath first produced the "Great Uncle Pete Song-book", so maybe we did sing.

Saturday 7 November 1992

Day of Steve's last exam for the year. Free Midge Marsden Concert at Frank Kitts Park The band (Steve, Si, Ry, Dr, and someone else Bernard?, MacKenzie?) introduce themselves to Midge after the show, tell him about GUP, he is very interested and we promise to send him a tape - we still haven't. Leath wrote (sometime around this time) "He, Mr Blues Man" as a tribute to Midge.

Wednesday 18 November 1992

Steve paints Green Guitar green (for the first time).

Friday 20 November 1992

The Tredia died on Mrs Morrison today (clutch gave up). In the evening Leath picked up Steve and they went touring. First stop Cameron's - to get mike stands and mixer (wrote song "Standing in Redwood Ave" and "Tredia's Dead" (Leath's version)). Then went to Ryan's ("Wrote "Ryan, We're Coming To Visit You" (?)) who wasn't there, so we went to Clipper St to wait for Duncan (were Leath & Duncan living there at this stage?). When Duncan arrived we toured to Shelley Bay with the trumpet (so Duncan could play it loud). A car load of drunks stopped for a listen, so we did them a concert and they loved us (Set list: Tauranga, Mr Fishmonger, Age of Aquarius, Cm9, Cold Finger Blues, Opanaki, Goodbye, Last Song (in that sort of order)). On the way home (still at Shelley Bay) the tire on the Sprinter burst - drunks helped us change it.

Tuesday 23 November 1992

Ry and Steve visit Si to talk about busking during the summer.

Wednesday 25 November 1992

Leath comes round - Steve and Leath record an hour of tape ("some of our best stuff" my diary says). I'm almost sure the recording in question is on the "Yet Still Moore" album, and includes the following new songs: "I Wait For You", "B is for Bronwyn", "This Song Sux", "I Single and I'm In My Prime", "Standing Alone", "Lorraine, We've Come To Sing You A Song" and "There's Always A Joint. Also, Bronnie performs Steve and Mat's "Cow Pat Song" at school with her band as part of her assessment, passing it off as her own.

Saturday 28 November 1992

Si and Ry come to Steve's for a busking practice - decide we may do all Christmas carols.

Sunday 29 November 1992

Ian Cameron admits that he studies best when relating the work to rude and phallic things. "Russell" brings his slide guitar to youth group - Steve and Mat get all excited.

Monday 30 November 1992

Sometime before today Simon gets his grave digging job.

Thursday 3 December 1992

Steve buys his $1100 Marshall (plus free harmonica). Puts it on Murray's Northern Music account.

Sunday 6 December 1992

Steve and Mat do a Spanish concert on Mandy's roof. Mat moved back in with the Morrison's again.

Monday 7 December 1992

Mat and Steve write songs till 4am (what? "Woman"?)

Friday 11 December 1992

As "The Wandering Nomads", Steve, Mat, Grant, Ian record Nomad songs - "Jenny's Song", "Cow Pat Song", "Grant's Gone Away Blues" at Cameron Studios in Redwood Ave. In the evening Steve and Leath go to the 7 Form end of year party to do a concert - they all cheered for Tauranga. We then drove to the Johnson's and gave Simon's parents a concert, then we went to Leath's Youth Group party and did another concert (with Andrew Shepherd? In garage?).

Friday 18 December 1992

Leath comes down from Palmy. Steve, Leath and Duncan perform the Gloaming Hill Road concert (where Lorraine is baby-sitting) then the Tawa Pool Concert (both recorded). Was this the night we wrote "Fish & Chips"? I'm also assuming "Piece of Wood" is a new one here.

Saturday 19 December 1992

Ryan's farewell party in the afternoon (I don't think GUP played). Youth Group carol singing in evening (Dr came, did Leath?) and sleep over. Leath, Duncan and Steve did a concert in the St Stephens car park to Marie and Megan - song list: "Mr Fishmonger" (and that was all according to Megan). Also, recorded "Fish & Chips" at Steve's place (tried to record a whole album but this was the only song that turned out any good). Steve played bass, Duncan drums.

Another unknown date

When was the concert to the dog rolls (Leath, Steve, Maree)? When did we write "Fat Woman With Dogs"? This is important, you realise.


Saturday 16 January 1993

Leath and Steve got on "Part 1 of the Great Uncle Pete Take on The Main Trunk Tour". Played at Wellington station (with Satan?), then Kaiwharawhara, then home (what about Redwood?). Got recordings (The "Ain't got no tomorrow / Ain't got no today / Ain't got no baby / To help me on my way" concert)

Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 January 1993 - "The Great Uncle Pete Go North Tour"

Featuring Steve and Leath

Tuesday 19

- Te Maura Lakes Lookout
- Woodville (r?)

Wednesday 20

- Norsewood (r) (went and saw Mat and Jen in Havelock)
- Napier Railway Station (r)
- W.... Beach

Thursday 21

- East Cape Lighthouse
- Lake Ngaheiwa (I thought we recorded this)

Wrote the songs: "Honesty Box", "Norsewood", "I Miss You", "East Cape" (in Eb), "Driving Down The Road" (in Cm), "The Alphabet Song" (in F#). These last three songs came about so we had songs in every possible key.

Saturday 23, Sunday 24 January 1993 - Parachute Music Festival

Steve and Leath play in the car park at El Rancho to huge audiences

Saturday 6 February 1993

Leath, Hamish and Wendy go to Martinbrough Fair. Wendy loses us and gets the loud speaker guy to say "Would Great Uncle Pete please come to the caravan, your niece is looking for you" (or something like that).

Sunday 7 February 1993

Leath and Steve tour to Glynthea's and do a concert for Mandy and Wendy.

Tuesday 16 February 1993

Was this Leath's birthday? He was 18 if it was. I think this may have been the 'Trumpaphone' incident where Steve and Duncan visited Leath early in the morning playing "Happy Birthday", "You're 18" and "Hey, Mr Cattle Herder". Is this correct? (nothing about it in my diary) Later Steve and Duncan hot-wired Mandy's car.

Monday 22 February 1993

Did the concert Mandy and Maree (recorded) and the "GUP now the girls have gone we'll have some fun tour" (also recorded) - playing in places starting with "M" (for Maree). Started with "Chartered Accountants" at the Tawa Mall, then to the Mezzanine floor at the Wood's place where we did "Tauranga" with Hamish on violin, and "Mr Fishmonger", "Cm9" and "Last Song" with him on the piano.

Tuesday 23 February 1993

Steve goes round to Leath's for a "Great Uncle Pete - Look at all our albums" session.

Late February 1993

Leath and Duncan go on the "Show Us Your Dwangs Architectural Tour". They write "Kimberly" (and "Ohtumaire"?), and buy the Ferenalli. There's also other stories from this tour - Dr, Leath - start writing.

Sunday 28 February 1993

Not sure of date. It used to say 31st Jan but I changed it because I don't think the Leath had the Ferenalli then. Leath comes to Steve's Youth Group with the Ferenalli, he tries to play along with the singing?

Question: When was "Take Me Away, Ferenalli" written? - on the Dwangs tour?

Wednesday 3 March 1993

Steve and Leath have a bit of a recording session at Steve's place.

Friday 6 March 1993

Leath and Steve go on tour - the first with the Ferenalli (where did we go? Did we record it?).

Sunday 7 March 1993

Leath and Duncan come round to Steve's for a bit of a sing-song

Tuesday 16 March 1993

Leath writes "Little Girl of Love" (oh dear).

Saturday 20 March 1993 - Forty Hour Famine

Leath and Steve write and perform the song "Duncan's Having A Hair Cut" in Redwood Ave, followed by the "Live In Mono" (also called: "The Band Now Out-numbers The Audience Two To One Concert") St Stephens Church Tawa, which we recorded. The band was Steve, Leath, Duncan plus special guest Andrew Walker on drums. The audience Maree P, Marie L, and Bronwyn K.

Wednesday 13 April 1993

Diary says we had a � of an hour GUP practice this evening - "sometimes we sounded hot".

Friday 16 April 1993

ISCF - BBQ. Great Uncle Pete were going to play at it - did play (sort of).

Thursday 22 April 1993

Duncan (& Leath) call Steve to confirm rumours about his relationship with Megan.

Monday 26 April 1993

From diary: "Talked to Leath and Duncan tonight - I'm out of Great Uncle Pete. The band constitution states that no person can be in the band and have a 'wife' at the same time. Therefore, I'm out. We (they) may need to rewrite the constitution".

Wednesday 5 May 1993

Duncan Ross Babbage (a first year student) comes to one of Steve's 2 year PSYC courses and takes notes. Do we spot a doctor in the making?

Tuesday 25 May 1993

Diary says: "GUP back together". We will presume this means that Steve was back in (the boys decided that it was okay to have a 'wife', as long as you weren't married - or something like that).

Note to reader

I don't have any diary or wall planners from this point through to the 22 February 1994 - so it's all guess work from here on in. If anyone could help out the cause by providing other events, it would be much appreciated.

Prior to June 31 Tour

Steve, Duncan and Bronwyn buy robe material and sew up the robes (what day was this, Doctor? When was your Maths exam?). We also write "Overlocker" round this time - or was it not till the tour? June 31 Tour 1993 The first ever tour of this nature. Concerts at: The Wood Household - Pembroke St, The Botanical Gardens - Northland, Wrights Hill Car park - Karori, Frank Kitts Park - Waterfront. The band/audience were: Steve, Steve, Col, Kaul, Dunc, Bron, Leath with.... Owen, Karen and Rob ("dacking"). What about nice Maree? Bronwyn adds a bridge thingie bit to "Overlocker" ("?it is, it is") and in so doing become the first female to share writing credits on a GUP song. Steve thinks Leath resents the fact that she obtained this honour.

Rest of 1993

I have no idea. There's a bit of recorded stuff from this period, but I don't think we did all that much other than what's on tape.

Leath takes time out in Palmerston North - do you want to include any stories from this period, Leath? Duncan gets "The Emerson". Steve, Leath and Duncan have a recording session at the Edgecombe's where we write "Blow That Thing" and "Rhythm Guitarist on Sedatives" (recorded)

Soon after, Steve and Duncan tour the Clipper St property with the Emerson, performing "I Want A Girl Friend", "Melodies In The Garage", "Emerson's In The Tree", "Country Song", "Blow That Thing" (recorded) Leath comes back for "The Kindergarten Concert" with Steve and Duncan (partly recorded). Some old guy tells us to piss off.

Wednesday 1 December 1993 - Famous tour to Makara

Tour To Makara where we wrote "Makara Beach", "Hopi Indians" and "Makara Beach In The Sun". Some classic conversations are recorded from this tour including the famous "I hate concerts" statement from Leath, and a discussion about the very few single people Leath knows. This was also the day Duncan got his seven "A+ " marks and Leath got his "E". Leath also locked the keys in the Sprinter with the headlights still on. All in all it was a pretty bad day for Leath, but where Great Uncle Pete would be today without "Makara Beach" I do not know - so it was a worth while trip in that sense.

Anyone remember anything else about this year?

When did Steve and Leath do the "Great Uncle Pete" poster that still hangs on my wall? (I think it was some time in the summer of 93 - 94 while Leath was at the Edgecombe's)


Comments on early 1994

I have a Clipper St recording from sometime early 1994 I think, where Steve, Leath and Duncan did "Hopi Indians", "Charted Accountants" and "The Difference" (poem by Allan Grant ?)

When did Steve and Leath record "BBQ on the Roof", "How To Write A Song"? (recorded) And on another occasion: "Makara Beach" (with Buzz) and "At The Bay" (recorded)

I think GUP died some time after this - ie Leath kicked out Duncan - does anyone remember when this unceremonious event took place? We should elaborate on this.

Leath got keen to be real band. Steve wasn't so keen (still reeling over Duncan's dismissal). From this point the band split in two. There was the loud side (Leath, Steve et al) and the original side (Duncan, Steve et al). It's still like that to a certain extent.

Here's a question for Mr Powell: When was the recording we did at The Chapel with Kelvin Lewis and David Shepherd done?

Saturday 23 April 1994

My wall planner says "GUP tour to RP" (I assume this means Richard Prouse Park). I don't think this event took place. What ever took it's place would probably have involved only Steve and Duncan.

Another lost date

It was sometime in here that I remember Leath telling me that Simon was keen to play bass in the band again if we promised to be serious about it and play real songs (we were going into town for something?)

June 31 Tour 1994 (Thursday)

Was this the time we had a BBQ on Mt Vic? Band/Audience: Steve, Duncan, Bronwyn, Simon, Mandy, Maree, Colin. Am I right in assuming Leath wasn't there? We sung "BBQ on Mt Vic", so "BBQ on the Roof" must have been written before this time.

Friday 1 July 1994

Ice Cream Evening (at Shepherd's?). The new look Great Uncle Pete play their first (?) "plugged in" concert. Steve and Leath on their red electric guitars and Simon on bass. Leath has a new song called "Lecture Theatre". I remember feeling like we really sucked.

Saturday 2 June 1994

There is a flat warming somewhere - may not be Pete related.

Saturday 9 July 1994

Simon's 21. We did a Great Uncle Pete reunion gig in Simon's garage - Steve, Leath, Simon and Motuakan import Ryan on drums. We Rocked! We played all the old classics including "Claudia Jane" (relatively new - when did you write it, Leath?), which Charlotte Murray said she liked (and Si got excited). Later in the evening Steve and Colin sing a few of the songs Leath had banned (like "Overlocker").

Saturday 10 September 1994

Steve and Leath start practices for the Coffee Club concert. Leath on vocals, Steve on bass, playing about 6 covers.

Saturday 23 September 1994

Wall planner says "Breakfast Tour". This may have been the night Steve and Leath got kicked out of Manners Mall McDonalds. We have a tape with a lot of talking and jazz. Prior to this on the tape (and I think it was the same evening) there's a concert Steve and Leath did in the James Smiths car parking building (part of a power point hunt?). We did some real classics, including "Never Regret Loving You".

Sunday 2 October 1994

Coffee Club concert at Gospel Chapel (Steve, Leath, Bronwyn, Jo, Kelvin, Pepe)

When did we get Mike?

Okay, some time in here Mike Thomas was asked to be the drummer in the band. When exactly was this?

Tuesday 18 October 1994

I have "Band Prac" written on my wall planner, I'm assuming this to be the first practice of the new line up (Leath, Steve, Simon and Mike) at Newlands Baptist Church. (unsure about this - when did we start practising with Mike? Could have been Thursday 8 September, followed by Wednesday 21 September, making this practice a busking practice or a practice for Mikes 21 (which all seems a little more likely). And speaking of practices, when was it that Steve, Simon and Mike (and maybe Leath was there too) played Money For Nothing and Steve and Simon got all excited about Steve's 21?)

Friday 21 October 1994

Wall planner says "Busking" (I think). I don't remember this.

Saturday 22 October 1994

Mike's 21. Simon couldn't make it, so Leath and Steve did and acoustic set. We sung "Country Song" and "Piece of Wood" among others. It was a pretty bad performance, from what I can remember

Sunday 23 October 1994

Wall planner says "Makara". What does this mean?

Monday 31 October 1994

First practice for Steve's 21. The core of the band was Steve, Murray, Ian and Simon.

Saturday 12 November 1994

Wall planner says "GUP gig". Let's take this to be the concert we did in Leath's bedroom at the Edgecombe's. We were hot. We had the Maranuchi miked and we had Grace on trombone, so she must have joined before this time. Simon left halfway through to go to another party.

Friday 16 December 1994

Steve's 21. Steve, Colin and Duncan did a set ("Love Is Not Real", "Country Song") followed by a GUP set ("Makara Beach", Mr Fishmonger", "Tauranga" and maybe some others) with Steve, Leath, Mike, Grace, Duncan and Colin. The other band featured Steve, Mathew, Simon, Murray, Ian, with appearances by Grant, Walker, Jean, Gary, Bronnie, Wendy, Dana and Shelley. A total of 18 musicians, vocalists and drummers. Dorothy?

When did Leath send Steve the tape with "Dorothy, Carrier Pigeon" on it?


Thursday 2 March 1995

Leath, Steve, Mike and Si play for Victoria University Orientation Week. The concert was outside the CU tent on the hill. There were people on the 8 floor of the library who said they could hear us so we reckon there was a passive audience of at least 500.

Saturday 25 March 1995

Great Uncle Pete play Kmart. Mathew played bass (a last minute decision). I only used my 12 string, so it was a kind of an acoustic set. I remember we did "Lecture Theatre". This concert would have been heard by another large passive audience.

Friday 21 April 1995

Busking. Was this the time Mike, Simon and Leath set up in Cuba Mall, and Steve and Mat (Steve earlier on in the week declining the invitation to join them) went and spied on them?

Friday 5 May 1995

Great Uncle Pete play at the CU end of year party. Grace plays trombone and Simon is on bass again. We do a few covers from Steve's 21 at the end, eg "Joy To The World".

Saturday 3 June 1995

Steve and Leath make a musical appearance at Mandy and Maree's 21. We play a specially composed song "Maree and Mandy, You're 21". We may have sung "Maree, You're Nice" later. People think Leath and Steve do this kind of thing spontaneously, and wonder why we don't burst into their special occasion singing specially crafted songs. However, the truth is we only do it when we're asked - but we make it look spontaneous. It's all part of the skill of being us.

Sunday 3 June 1995

Leath, Steve, Simon and Mike play at Fiona Douglas's 21. It was held in a really flash restaurant in Pauatahanui, it must have cost heaps, and everyone was dressed up formally. And then there was Great Uncle Pete: loud, terrible, and totally inappropriate. Fiona seemed to appreciate it, though it was obvious a light jazz band would have suited the evening better. Leath's friends were always very loyal to him. We got many of our gigs that way. Or it may have just been because we were free.

We re-hashed the "Maree and Mandy, You're 21" song from the previous night, and sung it about Fiona. This was also the night of the "Tauranga Waltz", where we played "Tauranga" in 3-4 timing so they could waltz. Oh dear. Shows how unprepared we were for such formal occasions. Oh how I cringe when I think about it now. I'm glad we don't have a recording of this evening - that would make it worse! According to Leath we were the first and last band to play that venue - too many neighbours complained, apparently.

And Fiona, if you're out there, please accept our apologies for that evening. And to show we mean it, we'll do you a *good* free gig anytime you need one.

Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Friday 30 (am) June 1995

Great Uncle Pete practice hard for the big day in the studio

Friday 30 June (pm)

Duncan's 21. Leath and Steve sing "Duncan's Having a Birth Day", "Piece of Wood" and a slowed down version of "Makara Beach" (which everyone sung along to (sounded like a death march)). June 31 Tour 1995

Following Duncan's 21 party, Steve, Leath, Duncan, Bronwyn, Stephanie, Colin, Phil and Kent Humphrey all went on tour. This was the first June 31 Tour where the recording actually worked. As a result we have some classic stuff all on tape. Leath introduced "I Want To Be" and "Ambulance Man" on this tour.

Monday 3 July 1995

Leath, Mike, Steve, Grace and Simon 'better late than never' Johnson go to Hutt Valley Polytech to record their first album. It takes them all day to record "Real Groovy" and "Makara Beach" (a quick 'live' version). So it starts to look like an album is out of the question.

Saturday 15 July 1995

Leath, Steve, Si and Mike play an acoustic set at the top flat (flat warming party?) Everyone get pissed off with Steve for stuffing round. We do a slow version of "Mr Fishmonger" and maybe "Age of Aquarius".

Friday 3 August 1995

Hamish Stevenson's 20 at his flat in Brookland. Simon is sick at last minute, so Steve brings Mat along to play bass at last. Mike and Leath were still keen to get Simon, though, so we kept trying to call him, but he was always engaged. Eventually Telecom told us that his sister was on the phone. Simon didn't come in the end. We have a recording of this one. Hamish plays trumpet in a few songs, and for "Real Groovy" Steve plays bass and Leath plays guitar. In the part of the concert that is not on the tape, Duncan (and maybe Bronwyn, too (?)) join us to sing "Love Is Not Real", "Going Home", and perhaps some others like "Driving Down The Road". It basically degenerated into a free-for-all musical mess as so many of our earlier concerts did (before we learned to have a final song, then not play any more - especially songs we hadn't practised). After the concert Steve, Mat and Duncan went on a tour to Waikanae We recorded this tour as well. We wrote a song called "Kapiti Island".

Saturday 26 August 1995

Steve's first daughter Sarah Joanne is born.

Friday 29 September 1995

Leath, Steve, Simon and Hamish Stevenson (on keyboards and trumpet) play at the "Thank God It's Friday" thingie at St Christopher's Church, Tawa. The tape recording didn't work, but we do have a conversation that took place before the concert on tape. Steve broke a string towards the end and had trouble playing "Goodbye". And speaking of "Goodbye" at the end of the song Mike got so excited that he took four bars to realise that we'd all stopped playing and another 4 bars to stop himself. I think it was a great concert, but I think that about all the concerts that don't get recorded.

Friday 23 November 1995

Steve and Leath play at Bronwyn Halse's 21. Among other things (?) we play "In The Summer Time", a song written by Leath for the occasion.

Sunday 3 and Thursday 7 December 1995

Leath, Steve, Mike and Mat practice for the BYM Ball. We have both these practices recorded - the arguments we have are classic.

Friday 8 December 1995

BYM Ball, Upper Hutt Town Hall. The sound is mixed by a 8 year old some of the time and no one the rest of the time. Steve didn't enjoy himself. The highlight of the evening was watching that beautiful girl in the black dress dance. Leath brings two women to this dance: Ester from Te Aro Hall, as a date for Mike, and some chick called Rosie who is having her first date with Mr Powell. If she can survive this they should probably get married.


Thursday 3 - Friday 5 January 1996

Leath, Steve and Duncan tour to Massey University. We stay the night in Kimberly (?). We have large portions of this tour on tape. The aim of the night was for Steve and Leath to keep Duncan awake all night so he was tired for his Massey interview the next day.

Sunday 7 January 1996

Welcome Home Leath concert at Te Aro Hall. Mathew plays bass, Hamish keys and trumpet. Duncan joins us for some singing. We do the first impromptu version of "I Want To Be". We got it all on tape too.

Sunday 11 - Friday 15 February 1996

Steve, Duncan and Colin go on tour. Sunday and Monday nights in Taupo, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at The Mount. They write one song, "Syndrome" (ie "Soaking Our Feet In Hot Water") and take heaps of photos of the Number 10. Can we think of any stories to tell from this tour? Well there's the "Wooh Mama!" story, the "Jumbo" story and the "Duncan strokes Colin's head in his sleep" story. This tour is also the origins of the "Anthea" story.

Saturday 16 February 1996

Leath's 21 - in his mother's garage, Discovery Drive Whitby. Simon plays bass, Mathew plays 2nd guitar, Hamish plays trumpet on "Makara Beach" and "Dorothy, Carrier Pigeon" (no keyboards cause Leath doesn't like the 'bwow bwow' sounds - and after all it is his 21), and Colin and Duncan sing "Driving Down The Road". Quote of the concert from Leath is "Thank-you, ladies and gentlemen, well, Duncan". Richard McKenzie wore a dress (it was the second consecutive party Steve had seen had seen him do this at). Set 1: East Cape, Geoffery, Cm9, Now I'm Blue, Real Groovy, Makara Beach, EGB, I Want To Be, Driving Down The Road. Set 2: Mr Fishmonger, Ferenalli, Piece of Wood, Dorothy, Carrier Pigeon, Lovely Day. "Syndrome" is then played by Steve and Duncan (just to get a copy of it on tape before we forget how it goes).

Saturday 16 March 1996

Great Uncle Pete play Kmart again. This time we plugged ourselves in, but we had to play very quietly - as a result Mat and Steve couldn't hear each other. Mathew played 2 guitar, Daniel Vincent played bass. We didn't record it. Set list: Wellington (warm-up, sound check), Mr Fishmonger, Geoffery, Real Groovy, Ambulance Song, Now I'm Blue, I Want To Be.

Wednesday 10 April 1996

Tour with Doctor. Steve, Colin and Duncan tour to Eastborne and Mt Victoria.

Saturday 18 May 1996

Steve starts teaching guitar at Tawa Music Centre.


Sometime in here we have that band practice at Newlands Baptist after which Simon announces he wants to quit. When was this? Later (ie after Mike Buck's 21)? Give us the full story, Mr Powell.

Friday 28 June 1996

Mike Buck's 21. Back to one guitar, with Mathew on bass. We play one of our tightest concerts ever. Including Steve singing "Country Song", and a mega cool version of "Ryan Works For Sailor Sam" - and we got the whole thing on tape. Leath plays the accordion here for a couple of the songs. He gets a number of the chords wrong - this is where the E-augmented-penis stories originated from. We did a disco version of Mr Fishmonger which flopped mightily. What we didn't get on tape though was Michael Buck singing his "Four years ago today, I met Jesus" song. It was a real classic!

June 31 Tour 1996

It was a Sunday night, and rather low key. Duncan, Bronwyn, Colin, Steve, Leath, Rosie, Maree, Mandy, Rachel. We go to El Rancho to get Leath and Rosie, the to the beach to sing (to windy), so we go to the Waikanae Mall, race trolleys and sing some songs.

Saturday 20 July

Rosie's 21. This was labelled by Steve as the final Great Uncle Pete concert ever. Set list: Lovely Day, Ain't She Sweet, Side By Side, Makara Beach, Real Groovy, EGB, Ambulance Man, Baby Blue Eyes, Tauranga, Ryan Works For Sailor Sam.

Saturday 17 August 1996

Hamish Stevenson's 21. Simon re-joins us to play bass so Mathew can get back to guitar where he belongs. Hamish plays trumpet and bwow-bwow keyboard as he pleases. We were hot, though the recording sucked. In addition to the GUP set, Steve (reluctantly) and Leath play "Lovely Day" during the 'items' section. After the concert, Steve, as usual, vows that this will be the last GUP concert ever.

Following Saturday 17 August 1996

At this point Great Uncle Pete take a well deserved break from the never ending grind of recording and touring. On

Saturday 9 of November

Steve and Leath play together once more at a private concert to David Dawber on the occasion of his 21. They play "Dave, Dave, Dave, You Look Like A Sheep" only after forgetting the chords to all their other birthday songs.

Update on everyone - late 1996

Leath Powell - BA(Linguistics): Well, having finished his BA in linguistics, Leath headed off to Palmerston to become a Lawyer's assistant for an indefinite period of time. One day he will start translating Bible's like he has always dreamed of doing, but for now he's confined to data entry. When I last spoke to him he wanted to take Great Uncle Pete to France with him in a year or so.

Mike Thomas - BSc(Comp): As far as we know, Mike is still roaming the streets of Wellington looking for a job. Maybe he was secretly hoping all year that Great Uncle Pete would get famous enough for him not to have to work, and now he's having to face the reality of being job-less and band-less.

Simon Johnson - BA(History): Apparently Simon got fired from his job looking after a paraplegic guy, and according to the latest reports he is heading to India soon to convince himself that there really are poor people in the world - ie people worse off than Leath.

Stephen Morrison - BSc(Math/Comp) BA(Psyc): Having finally finished his time at university, Steve is enjoying being free for the summer once again and is making only half hearted attempts to find a real job. He recently compiled the 22+ album boxed set - Great Uncle Pete Complete, and has been editing this GUP history thing you're reading. Mathew Paton: Mathew still dreams of being a rock star, though the chances of it being with Great Uncle Pete is rather slim at the moment. He has recently recorded some solo work, and collaborated with Morrison on the reworking of some old Pete songs.

The others: Ryan is till flying planes down south at last report, Dr Babbage is at Massey Lecturing in Psychology and Colin is in Burma eating dog.

A few months pass...

Mike has a job and a girlfriend, Simon is back from India and Leath is back at The Bay. Let's keep going?

October 1996

Steve plays guitar in the Tawa Music Festival in which Rob Edgecombe plays bass. Steve is suitably impressed. Steve , Rob and Yvonne decide they are the best rhythm section ever to have existed, but nothing ever comes out of this trio.

Set up at Fowler Centre

Steve, Rob and Yvonne get chased around by the security guy who eventually locks Steve and Rob outside.

December 1996

Steve, Rob and Yvonne play in Mrs Charioni's "Cradle Rockers" band - along with Mark Edgecombe, Tim Barlow and others. Steve and Rob play a bit of "Makara Beach" at the sound check, and Dr Babbage recognises it from across the field.

Late 1996 (when, exactly?)

Leath and Duncan discover that the Ferenalli was actually the Serenelli. Would someone relate this story in a witty and captivating way, please?


Monday 30 December 1997

Leath stays with Steve, they discuss the band. Leath announces that GUP has been asked to reform, and perform at Rachel Langham's 21 in February. Leath and Steve also commence work on their "Rock Ballet" about a flaming nipple (staring Dr Babbage as the lead nipple).

Thursday 2 January 1997

Leath stays with Steve again. Steve, Leath and Mat talk about the concert and work on new songs.

Saturday 3 January 1997

Mat and Steve record new demo versions of "Back In Linden Again" (written that day), "Welcome To You" (a reworking of an old classic), "East Cape", "Too Many Clich�s" and "God is the Joint of Our Lives"

Tuesday 7 January 1997

Steve and Megan take Sarah to Makara Beach. Sarah here by entering the GUP history books as the first second-generation band member to travel to that holy place.

Friday 10 January 1997

With Ryan back in town, Wayne Quin organises for Si, Ry, Steve and himself to go into town to reminisce about the old days. The GUP original line up agree to have a jam to see how much they've improved in the last five years. Simon announces that he's never really found his niche playing the bass and he'd prefer to be singing, however I don't think this jam ever took place.

Saturday 11 January 1997 - Engagement Day

Leath arrives around at Steve's convinced he has invented a perpetual engine - an engine that powers its self - something the has eluded the worlds greatest minds since the dawn of time. Steve spends most of the day trying to convince Leath otherwise, but to little avail. While Steve is explaining friction to Leath, Dr Babbage and Bronwyn call up to announce their engagement.

This is full circle for Great Uncle Pete. As legend would have it, GUP was a band set up so as to enhance the appeal of it's members to the opposite sex (i.e. attract chicks). For Duncan to have achieved this in the most ultimate way is surely worthy of mass celebration

Sunday 19 January 1997

Leath and Steve decide to ask Rob to play bass at the Linden gig.

Monday 20 January 1997 - Wellington Anniversary Day

Steve pops the question to Rob. Rob answers in the affirmative. Leath is given the job of breaking the news to Simon - only to discover that Si is away for a couple of weeks. Steve and Leath have a bit of a laugh at this.

Friday 23 January 1997

Mathew announces his unavailability for the gig. Steve then takes band matters into his own hands and, without consulting Leath, decides to replace Mat with famous jazz keyboardist, Hamish Wood. Hamish agrees (with the belief that Hamish Stevenson is sick).

Saturday 25 January 1997

Steve, Rob and Hamish have their first practice together. Steve gets excited about new line-up.

Monday 27 January 1997

Band practice - Leath, Mike, Steve, Rob and Hamish. Sound is pretty scrappy.

Monday 3 February 1997

Another practice - this time without Hamish. Sound is much improved (due to practice, though, not Hamish's absence).

Thursday 6 February 1997 - Waitangi Day

Final practice before gig - we sound hot and tight. Rob announces he has another gig for us - Leath to tell this story one day?

Friday 7 February 1997

The night of the gig. We're on at 9pm, and we open our set with the famous bedroom seen - leading into the first live performance of "Back In Linden". The sound for the show is not the greatest - due entirely to crap Ross mixer (with no gain control), and not sound man Tim Barlow (this is Tim's first contact with the band). This gig was the first GUP gig to be recorded by two independent sources (PRS and non-PRS). Everybody loves us (well, some people do (i.e. ex-flautist and ex-manager, Andrew Shepherd)), and we do two encores - an improvised "Driving Down The Road" and "Makara Beach". We were completely unprepared to do any encores and were taken totally by surprise when asked. We finished the show by climbing back into bad. After the show Leath and Steve gently pressure Rob and Hamish to stay on as permanent members.

Wednesday 12 February 1997

Steve plays the tapes of the show to Mathew who gets really keen for some more practices.

Friday 13 February 1997 - Valentines Day

Duncan and Bronwyn's engagement party. Steve, Leath and Mark Edgecombe play "Won't You Marry Me?" (Mark playing the bass line on the trombone) followed by a new song entitled "Married Couple" (with a very infectious hook chorus). Everybody loves us again. Various other things happen in the course of the evening. Mark announces that he likes playing for Great Uncle Pete and is happy to help us out any time we need a trombone player. Hamish Stevenson scowls at Hamish Wood, who in turn begins to feel guilty about taking Stevenson's place in the band. Leath and Steve have to go and comfort Stevenson at tell him they still love him. Stevenson doesn't believe them. Steve then decides, in order to keep Stevenson happy, a brass section is in order for GUP with Hamish on trumpet, Mark on trombone, and Tim Barlow on saxophone (thought he doesn't know yet). Stevenson scoffs at this idea.

Saturday 15 February 1997

Rob, Hamish, Murray, and Steve have practice for Mike Farrand's Wedding. Hamish and Adelle announce their engagement around this time too. Hamish also mentions the possibility of GUP playing at the engagement party / Adelle's 21. This means GUP has two gigs in one day (40 Hour Famine Kmart in afternoon).

Saturday 22 February 1997

Mike and Paula's wedding. A funny service in many ways. The best bit was the thought of getting paid.

Thursday 6 March 1997

The band assemble in the Edgecombe's lounge for the first practice for Kmart and the engagement/21. For the first time in recorded history Leath is unavailable to perform the gig (out of town with a job). In the band were Steve, Rob, Mat, Mike, Hamish Wood, Tim Barlow and Mark Edgecombe. This first practice sounds pretty hot. Rob does this amazing bass solo in "Driving Down the Road".

Monday 10 March 1997

Rob announces his unavailability for the gig. Mathew is demoted to bass.

Tuesday 11 March 1997

Steve gets music printing software and sets about arranging trombone and saxophone parts for the songs.

Thursday 13 March 1997

The "new" new line-up has another practice.

Saturday 15 March 1997

Two gigs in one day - what an achievement! At Kmart from 3:20 - 3:40 Steve, Mat, Mike, Hamish Tim, Mark and Dr Babbage played "Makara Beach", "Hopi Indians", "Love Is Not Real", "Driving Down The Road", "Now I'm Blue", "Piece of Wood" and "Mr Fishmonger". It was a great performance but a poor gig (sound problems, that sort of thing. But what did we expect? Playing is Kmart is ALWAYS crap). In the evening the line up was joined by Colin Marshall, we played "Makara Beach", "Now I'm Blue", "Hopi Indians", "Love Is Not Real" and "Driving Down The Road". The gig rocked. It was Steve's first time leading the band with vocals and he enjoyed himself immensely (though he had all those guitar tuning problems and had to sing "Now I'm Blue" without his guitar while Murray tuned it for him). After the show, the band start talking about staging a real big concert at the Linden Social Centre and making lots of money. Murray says we're almost there, we just need to get a tighter drummer.

Thursday 20 March 1997

Steve has his first real job interview. He tells them all about the band - they sound impressed - but in the end they don't give him a job.

Tuesday 1 April 1997

Leath comes over to Steve's (both unemployed men of Linden), and plays him a new song, "You Don't Love Me Any More". Steve records Leath singing and playing a version of it (just for prosperity).

Friday 11 April 1997

Steve gets a job at Statistics New Zealand as an Analyst Programmer.

Monday 28 April 1997

Steve has his first day of work at Stats.

Wednesday 7 May 1997

Leath graduates from Victoria University with a BA in Linguistics.

Thursday 8 May 1997

Steve graduates from Victoria University with a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics and a BA in Psychology.

Sometime in May?

Steve gets a sound card for his computer, the PS Value Point, and goes about producing arrangements of some of the classic Great Uncle Pete tracks.

Sometime is June?

Leath announces his intention to marry Rosie. He then asks her.

Friday 27 June 1997 - June 31st Tour

The Doctor's stag night and June 31st Tour. After a tense meal at Crofton Downs Pizza Hut, the Doctor is dragged back to Colin's Mum's house, stripped, nappied, tied to a chair and moved into the garage. In the corner of the garage there is a large cake. The song "The Stripper" is started and two figures begin to emerge from the cake. The figures are dressed in the most hideous women's clothing you can imagine and as the song progresses they begin to remove their clothing. The Doctor looks scared. If they take all their clothes off, he thinks, I'm not going to enjoy it. Then the music changes to a Dixie-land version of "Duncan's Having a Hair Cut". The two figures reveal scissors, razors, shaving cream and dance around the petrified doctor.

Then they shave off all his body hair and pour green food-colouring all over his genitals. Later the boys play Lazer Force, go to the TV set of William Tell (?) out behind the Brookland wind turbine. After stuffing round for ages, they travel back to Andrew Bailey's house talk, walk, smoke cigars, then the Doctor and Andrew go for a swim at Napier.

Lots of the evening is recorded on tape thanks in a large part to Make Edgecombe who controls the PRS for the evening.

June 31 Tour 1997

This was celebrated early this year, so no official tour was held on the day (so to speak). Steve sat at home and strummed though a few of the classics. I'm sure other member of the band had similar reflective experiences.

Saturday 5 July 1997

The Doctor and Bronwyn celebrate their marriage. The band for the service is a who's who of Great Uncle Pete musicians. Felicia, Hamish W, Hamish S, Steve and Rob, with Bronwyn's cousin Natalie on Flute and Tim Barlow on drums.

At the reception Wood, Barlow and Edgecombe form a jazz trio to entertain the pre-bridal party guests. Steve and Leath, after being told very sternly by MC James Edgecombe to sing only ONE song, opt for doing a medley of songs comprising of a reworded version of "Favourite Things" (from Sound of Music) and the classic "Married Couple", the two parts of the medley are separated by a few seconds gap.

During his speech, Best Man Andrew Bailey makes a reference to the "Anthea" incident, a story to which only Steve, Colin, Andrew and The Doctor are privy, but the look on the Doctor's face was priceless (and the subsequent look from Bronwyn).

As a present Steve, Colin and Megan give Duncan and Bronwyn an enlarged and framed photo of the Number 10 taken on the Tour to Tauranga. Colin gets one made for himself too, and later on Steve does the same thing.

Sunday 20 July 1997

Leath and Rosie celebrate their engagement on a Sunday afternoon at Leath's Mum's house. The most formal part of the afternoon is when Steve and Leath sing "Love is in the Air". Steve puts a real banana in with the plastic fruit. I wonder if it's still there.

Friday 8 August 1997

Opening night of "Anything Goes" the Tawa College Major Production for 1997. Steve plays Jean Cameron's guitar (well she was a Cameron when I first borrowed it, says Steve) and Tim Barlow plays Murray Cameron's Tenor Sax. The band has an enormous amount of fun, especially at each others expense. Also in the band is Simon Johnson's long time love Charlotte Murray, playing keyboards. Apparently trombone player Ross McGavin who sat next to Tim and Jenina said to Mrs Murray that Tim was crap on the saxophone. We laugh at this now.

Sometime around this time, possibly at one of the rehearsals earlier in the week, Tim asks Steve to be in an experimental jazz band with him and Rob. Steve says yes. Soon after this Tim and Rob get asked to play jazz at the Leath and Rosie's reception

Saturday 9 August 1997

One of these Saturday mornings after Music Centre, Hamish asks Steve to be in a covers band with himself, Tim Gillon, Rachel Gillon and Robert Gray. Again, Steve says yes.

Late August or early September?

Steve, Leath and Rosie tour to Palmerston South on the shores of Lake Palmerston one Saturday night.

Also around this time?

James Edgecombe's 21 birthday party. Steve and Leath are support act fro the Continuous Ringing Bells (Tim, Tim, Rob and Mark) and sing "Ambulance Man" and "21 Today" (with different verses from the one we sung Bronwyn). Rosie says we didn't sound very good, but she always says that.

Friday 3 October 1997

Steve takes his computer over to Mathew's lounge, and with the user of Mathew's 4-track and Steve's backing tracks, they record versions of "Back In Linden" (got on tape) and "I Want to Be" (wiped over because it sucked).

Friday 10 October 1997

Mathew brings his 4-track over to the Peckham Grove studios and they record "I Want to Be" (a much better version), "Ambulance Man" (sucky version), and Nomadic Classics "I'm A Stud" and "Show Us Your Coconuts". All these songs are on tape.

Saturday 18 October 1997

Ian's stag night. The boys end up going to Makara, Steve and Mat play Leath the songs they have recorded. Leath gets excited about the 4-track.

Monday 20 October 1997 13:25

Steve purchases a steel string acoustic guitar from the Rock Shop. He threatens to pay by credit card and demands heaps of extra stuff free - to the point when the salesman said "Okay, now that's all - get out of my shop".

Saturday 25 October 1997

Ian and Leah get married. Steve and Colin are part of the bridal party. They get nude photos of themselves taken by the bridesmaids while Ian and Leah are having serious photos taken by the photographer.

Sunday 26 October 1997

Leath and Rosie come to visit Steve in the evening, and the three of them tour to Colin's flat in Willis Street. There they rendezvous with Colin, the Doctor and Bronwyn and, after dropping Bronwyn back at the Bay, the six of them tour to the Hutt, drop off Rosie, then tour to Palmerston East(bourne) and sing some songs.

Saturday 1 November 1997

Steve, Leath and Rosie tour to Palmerston West (Makara) for a sausage tea. This will probably be Leath's last pre-marital tour. Leath says the Andrew Shepherd had said Rosie should walk down to aisle to "Green Light". Steve starts getting excited about getting the band back together and including "Green Light" on the play list.

Wednesday 5 November 1997

Steve picks up his framed enlargement of the famous Number 10 photograph. Now all three of the boys who went on the associated tour have their photos almost 21 months after the event.

Friday 7 November 1997

Leath's Stag night. See photos.

Leath and Rosie's Wedding (DATE?)

Leath "I'm the only person I know without a girlfriend" Powell gets married. This is an achievement for Great Uncle Pete. During the service Steve, Mat, Hamish and maybe Tim on drums, play instrumental piano arrangements of some Great Uncle Pete classics - like "Chartered Accountants" and "Won't You Marry Me". The full band re-unites for a performance at the Gear Homestead reception. Leath, Steve, Mike and Mat, with Tim and Hamish sharing an old piano. We do "Love is in the Air", "East Cape", "Tauranga" and a couple of other classics. Then Leath leaves to take to people and The Doctor and Colin join Steve on vocals and the boys sing " I Want A Girlfriend" and possibly "I'm Single and I'm In My Prime" and "Little Girl of Love". Leath is horrified.

Rest of 1997

Well by November the year is pretty much all over bar the shouting.


Tuesday 10 March 1998

Steve buys all Paton's guitar and sound gear off him prior to his big OE. Item's include: wah $100, stand $10, leads $10, queen book $20, car cleaning kit $15, cyclone's old pots $5, books and mags $10, strap $5, AKG mike $30, power supply $10, misc plugs $5. Total price paid $220.

Friday 13 March 1999

At 8pm the "Farewell Mathew" tour begins. This is all caught on video and includes many rare and funny moments - Including a live version of "God is the Joint of Our Lives". Tour includes Leath, Steve, Mat, Mike and Colin.

Saturday 14 March 1998

Steve's buys the big things from Paton: 4-track, SM57 mike and leads $650 all up.

Sunday 15 March 1998

Paton leaves on a 9:30. Steve, Grant and Mat's mum and sister see him off. He takes his guitar and Bob's house key with him. A few days later? Mat comes back from London to NZ in secret and hides out in Havelock North for a number of months.

Sunday 7 June 1998

First Post-Paton-Pete-Practice. Steve, Leath, Rob and Mike at Steve's place. The acoustic jam was recorded on the 4-track.

Sunday 21 June 1998

Steve's dairy says "GUP gig" - buggered if he can remember what. No, hang on; this may have been when Steve and Leath were the support act to Luke Pilkington at Titahi Bay Gospel Chapel. We played "Real Groovy", "EGB" and some others.

Saturday 4 July 1998

Jointaire were playing a free gig at the Edgecombe's to celebrate something, but GUP ended up playing too - Leath, Steve, Rob, Hamish on Marinucci and Mark E on Trombone.

Sunday 11 July 1998 - June 31st Tour

The annual Great Uncle Pete - June 31 Tour 1998. Tour to Richard Prouse. Steve and the Doctor decided the time is right to visit the place they have dreamed of visiting ever since they saw it marked on a map of Wellington in an Astronomy lab at university. The park it's self is a bit of a let down, but that doesn't dampen the evening. Listen to highlights on the "Tour to Richard Prouse" album. Present this year were Steve, Megan, Duncan, Bronwyn and Colin. Leath was in Tauranga at the time. All wore robes. Steve gets a photo of Colin's woggler, but it turns out to be a hoax.

Second half of 1998?

I don't know. Not much apparently. This year, since he now had the 4-track, Steve spent much time this year recording versions of GUP songs with the PS Value Point providing the drums and bass and Steve providing the guitar and vocals. On a couple of occasions Leath came over and provided vocals. Steve also wrote more verses for some songs, and tidied up others from the past. These recordings are some of the most complete Great Uncle Pete has ever made.

Thursday 24 December 1998

Leath and Steve give a concert to Steve's Laurance relations in the Peckham Grove lounge.



Steve, Megan and Sarah tour to Northland. On the way they stay at Hamilton and drive over to Raglan to look for Midges house - "Midge Marsden, by the wharf, Raglan" he said - but Steve can't find it.

Also in January

Leath and Steve play at Barry and Anna's house at The Bay for an evening. Moments before the gig Leath announces to Steve his intention to have a child.

Saturday 6 Feb 1999

Steve, Megan and Sarah move to 31 Olivia Cres.

Monday 15 March 1999

Steve starts a new job at G8 Labs. He got the Job through Jonathan Couper, one of the directors, who he met during PLT's Chess the previous year. Jon played flute. Steve decided this one rendezvous and what came of it makes up for all the free shows and gigs he's done over the years.

Monday 29 March 1999

GUP (Leath and Steve) meeting at Steve's. Steve must have been excited because it's marked in his calendar in big letters, but nothing really came of this meeting.

Sunday 2 May 1999

Ryan is back visiting New Zealand, so the original boys are all re-united at the Overend's for tea. Leath and Steve sing a few of the classics, but Ryan is too embarrassed to join in and Si has left by this stage.

Saturday 22 May 1999

Mat, Grant and Steve's meet at Riddell's rented property in Takapau Road for a Nomads reunion jam. May is a real month of reunions.

When? - June 31 Tour 1999

This year to the Basin Reserve where we sung heartily. This is the first June 31 Tour to be captured on video. Watch it.

Saturday 3 July 1999

Steve, Grant, Mat & Ian - Nomads jam during the afternoon at Ian & Leah's. Recorded on 4-track.

Saturday 14 August 1999

Steve and Leath play at Clarrie's garage warming party. GUP are billed to play at this gig, so we act as an incentive for guests to attend. We play "You Don't Love Me Any More", "Tauranga" and possible others. It's very embarrassing.

Sunday 22 August 1999

Leath and Rosie were due at Steve and Megan's for dinner the night before. But didn't come. Instead they decided to go into hospital and double the number of members of the "Great Uncle Pete - The Next Generation" band. So Olivia Rose Powell is born today. All well.

Saturday 2 October 1999

Important day. Steve, Mat and Tim have a GUP rehearsal/gig on Steve's deck. Tim plays his new drum kit and Mat plays bass. We think we sound real cool. Megan, walking home from the train hears the music drifting over the valley and shouts "Shut up, you posing wankers". The resident of the house she is walking past at the time says to her "I hope they listen to you". This day is recorded on the 4-track. The boys talk about what they want to do. We know we can't be Great Uncle Pete without Leath, and we want to do something different anyway. We decide to try funk and approach Tim Gillon to play bass.

Saturday 23 October 1999

Steve, Tim Barlow and Tim Gillon have the first funk jam in Steve's garage. As we know we will be famous one day we video the jam so it can be included in future documentaries. This is Labour weekend, so Mat is away.

Saturday 30 October 1999

Another funk Jam, this time with Mathew too.

Saturday 6 November 1999

Steve and Tim Barlow go into town to look at Jazz guitars, but Steve ends up buying a banjo (this was secretly his intention all along). We then have yet another 4-piece funk jam. This is becoming a habit.

Sunday 14 November 1999

The funk band plays at the Variety Club Christmas Concert at the Opera House. They are joined by Tim Barlow's sister Toni on piano and Murray on keyboard. They all find this a very bonding experience. Steve also plays his new banjo here.

Saturday 18 December 1999

Steve and the Tim's play in the Cradle Rockers for the Aotea Lagoon Christmas Festival. Everything is very loud and it rains off and on.


January 2000 While on holiday Sarah composes he first real song. It's called "I See the Hints of Your Nipples". She really takes after her father. We have this great moment on video.

Sunday 23 January 2000

Great Uncle Pete stage a dramatic reunion at Rob's 21, Linden Social Centre. Steve, Leath and the two Tim's play "In the Summer Time" (with re-adapted words), "Ambulance Man" and "I Could Be Your Man" to rapturous applause. Rosie says it was good, so it must have been. Leath wants to get the band back together with this line-up.

Saturday 11 March 2000

Tim Barlow's 21st. Tim, Steve, Mat and Rob form the heart of the many line-ups performing on this evening at Plimmerton School. Leath joins the boys for The Proclaimers "500 Miles" (and some dumb Sting song). They also do Tauranga (as the big hit of 1995) and Ambulance Man.

Friday 17 March 2000

A farewell tour for Colin. Duncan, Bronwyn, Steve, Colin and a reluctant Leath drive between Paraparaumu and The Bay a couple of times and call it a tour. The highlight was Colin (and Leath) shining a little red light on the Statue of Mary from a couple of blocks away while Duncan, Bronwyn and Steve walk up to it to see how big the spot is (it was huge).

Wednesday 7 April 2000

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat opens at Porirua Little Theatre. The band is Tim Barlow on keys, Steve on guitar, Mat on bass, Andy McPartlin on drums and Toni the German exchange student staying with the Gillon's on clarinet. This band rocked, and the four boys jammed funk after many of the shows.

Saturday 17 June 2000

Steve, Mat and Tim have another GUP jam at Steve's. Tim is wilder than ever.

Thursday 29 June 2000

Steve calls Leath to organise this year's June 31st tour. They get talking about the band, and how they should get it back together. Steve tells Leath about the tightness of the Joseph Funk band, Leath is excited about using them for Great Uncle Pete's reunion.

Friday 30 June 2000

Duncan and Bronwyn hold a "One Use Appliance" party at their house in Palmerston North to celebrate the handing in of Duncan's PhD thesis - the one-use book. This should have been the night for this year's June 31st Tour, but the boys had decided on the Saturday instead.

Saturday 1 July - June 31st Tour 2000

Leath, Steve and Sarah meet The Doctor and The Mrs at Kimberly at 3pm for the June 31st Tour. This is the first time the tour has been held in daylight, and the first time a next generation band member has come along (Steve brings Sarah). At Kimberly we watch some medieval fighting, then drive on to Kuku Beach for the sunset. We the head back to Levin for dinner - Duncan has 3 cheese burgers and 2 (hot) apple pies. The conversation centres around Duncan being a qualified sex-therapist (as it often does). We the drive to Levin Beach (it must have a better name then that) for the concert. It's a very still, clear night.

Thursday 21 September 2000

THE DOCTOR FINALLY BECOMES A DOCTOR! Dr Duncan Babbage is now really "Dr Duncan Babbage". Having successfully completed his PhD Thesis in Psychology, Dr Babbage announces that he is claiming the title "Doctor" as his own. The Doctor has been called The Doctor by band members since shortly after he joined the band.

Friday 6 October 2000

Richard McKenzie confronts Mat Paton in the street and accuses him of being Steve. Mathew isn't very impressed, but plays along. Do all rock-gods look alike?

Saturday 7 October 2000

A new song in unveiled. At the planning session for the big reunion concert, Leath plays Steve "Roller Disco", his new song.

Friday 27 October 2000

The reunion gig was a huge success. Many, many people travelled very long distances to hear this great rock band. Old people, young people, pregnant people, family, friends and enemies all converges on the Titahi Bay Gospel Chapel Hall for a rocking good time. The band did two sets: Set 1: I Could Be Your Man, Real Groovy, You Don't Love Me Any More, Roller Disco, Ambulance Man, Now I'm Blue, Ryan Works For Sailor Sam. Set 2: Hopi Indians, Back In Linden, Green Light, Tauranga, Makara Beach, Mr Discomonger, (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles, Overlocker. The show didn't really make any profit due to the large amount of mike purchased by Leath, but the band enjoyed it.


Monday 8 January 2001

Kate Powell was born at 2.50pm, Monday afternoon. Weighing in at 3.82kg (8lb7) she is a delight to mum Rosie, dad Leath and big sister Olivia. All respective parties doing well.

Friday 2 February 2001

Steve, Mat and Andy start jamming again for the new year. This year they decided to do Great Uncle Pete songs using the PS Value Point 2 as the bass player (ie midi bass). They continue to have these rehersals through until "Superstar" starts rehearsing in June.

Tuesday 6 March 2001- Census Day

The day the famous Peckham Grove Studios were sold. One month previous, Mr and Mrs Morrison (Steve's parents) decided to sell 12 Peckham Grove, the family home and recording studio, after 29 years of living there. The Peckham Grove studios were the site of many a classic Great Uncle Pete performance over the last 10 years. Some of the important events to have taken place on this historic site were:
- The recording of one of GUPs earliest and biggest hits, "Tauranga", was done there.
- The classic tune "Wellington" was recorded in the toilet .
- The legendary "Tauranga or Bust or Both" tour started from this very location in December 1991.
- The famous Robes were overlocked there.
- Cindy, the Morrison family cat, who pissed on the bands only microphone, lies buried in the garden there.

Many of Great Uncle Pete's classic songs were written, recorded and performed within the very walls of this property. This is a very much an historic place.

During This Time

After finding himself without a job (oh, there's a story in this one - but sadly no room for it here), Tim decided to become an author and write a self-help book (this saga makes a good yarn too).

Sunday 1 July 2001

The Mister (Duncan - the artist formally known as the The Doctor) goes on a lecturing tour of South America with the Misses (Bronwyn)

Wednesday 18 July 2001

The Gala night of Porirua Little Theatre's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Steve. Mat and Tim are all in the band. The season runs for 4 weeks. During the shows Tim, Mat and Steve talk a lot about Great Uncle Pete. Tim even manages to get Mat excited about it. This is rare. Following the season Steve is asked to play guitar in "Rush! The Stage Musical", the be performed at State Opera House in October 2001.

Thursday 16 July 2001

Steve, Andy and Mat get back together to discuss what they want to do next with Great Uncle Pete. They decide the midi bass is not really working, and the only solution is to get a real band. There's a gig to focus on now too, so Steve decided it's time for action. Leath, Mat, Time, Andy, Rob and Steve will make up the next incarnation of Great Uncle Pete. With a bunch of talented musicians, how can is possibly go wrong?

Thursday 16 August 2001

The is now just over 5 weeks until the next Great Uncle Pete gig, Joy's 21st. So the band have their first practice today. The band manage 6 practices before the gig, which must be a record. I seem to remember they weren't very well attended by Tim, which showed on gig night. He kept having reason's for missing� them, even when we had them at his place. Towards the gig we actually start sounding quite good (and I don't think Tim was there that time). Leath and Steve are both quite impressed.

Friday 17 August 2001

This is the first of two nights Steve plays at the Garabaldi Club. He plays an acoustic version of "I Don't Know How To Love Him" from Superstar with Johanna, the shows "Mary". After the show Steve and Johanna talk about setting up a band, or maybe Johanna joining Jointaire as a singer. There are a few possibilities. Steve thinks them through. This is also where Steve first meets Peter Marshall, the musical director for Rush! and some of the other cast and band members.

Wednesday 12 September 2001

Steve's daughter Sarah, now 6, is in her first School production for Redwood Primary School. Actually, most of the school was in the production, but hey I'm a proud Dad, and since I'm writing this so I can write about what I like!

Saturday 22 September 2001

The night of Joy's 21st. Steve has a Rush! rehearsal during the day, so managed to get out of helping set up. The gear we used for this gig is way below standard. Basically Joy didn't want to pay much for it, so we have to borrow crap stuff from here and there. We didn't really have any decent foldback for the vocals, or the keyboard (no, Tim still hasn't purchased an amp), the front of house speakers weren't really up to the job, and worst of all Tim's keyboard was FAR TO LOUD. On the dance floor it practically drowned everything out. What made it worse was Tim not knowing the songs very well, having missed many practices, and not really having bothered to learn them.

We split the songs up into a lot funny little sets during the evening. I also remember playing "So What" at one stage too, and some dumb jazz jam with Andy and Rob that made Tim hide in shame. We lost Andy at one stage and had to spend about 1/4 of an hour looking for him!

On the plus side we did win Best Band Award, and we got a fairly good recording of the gig using a microphone suspended from the ceiling feeding into Tim's mini disk recorder next to the pie-warmer in the kitchen. The result, with all Leath's talking and the stuffing round cut out, is available on a CD called "Back In Linden - Again". Songs on the night went as follows: Real Groovy, Back In Linden, You Don't Love Me Any More, Baby Blue Eyes, Now I'm Blue, I Could Be Your Man, Mr Fishmonger, Ambulance Man, Hopi Indians, Makara Beach, Wellington, Tauranga, Driving Down The Road, Overlocker, then covers 500 Miles, Long Train Running, Don't Look Back In Anger, Desire, Where The Streets Have No Name, I Got You, Weather With You, then we ended the night with good old Ryan Works For Sailor Sam featuring a bowed bass solo during the introduction.

We started off a bit hard and fast for a 21st, where people were just mingling. Baby Blue Eyes went down well as a snowball waltz but Mr Fishmonger was a disaster and will never be played again. Things really took off from about Ambulance Man - after everyone had eater and was ready to party. Twenty-firsts are always like this - I should just accept it. I think if we do a 21st again we'll have some more laid back acoustic numbers to start off with. The faster songs went off well at the end - I think it's just the way people dance these days those kinds of beats are ok. Having the covers was great, but they were a bit of pain to have to learn.

The band for the night was Leath, Steve, Mat, Tim, Rob and Andy, with Mark E joining us on vocals for Driving Down The Road. Overall a great night was had by all. Steve and Leath had a great time both at rehearsals and at the gig. Talking about it afterwards they realised that for what must be the first time in preparing for a big gig they didn't argue about anything (just listen to the tapes of the BYM Ball rehearsals for examples of arguing!). This time Leath and Steve were of one mind, it was the others they had to argue with. Looking forward to the next one.

Friday 12 October 2001

Opening night of Rush! It runs for two weeks at the Opera House in Wellington. Steve gets the chance to play with all these really talented musicians. It's nice playing in a band where everyone knows their parts. All the music could be put together with only a couple of rehearsals. Steve learns a lot about his playing during the show. He realises it's ok to sound a bit country - you may as well do what you do best rather than trying to be someone your not. Don't fight it Marsha, it's bigger than the both of us.

Saturday 27 October 2001

Final night of Rush! At the after show party Steve gets talking with Johanna again (whose partner Shane was in the show) about bands. They decide they need to stop just talking and start doing something.

Friday 30 November 2001

Steve, Megan and Sarah got to see PLT's Aladdin. The first PLY musical for a number of years that Steve hasn't played guitar for. Mathew's playing it! Steve hangs round afterwards talking with Mat and Yvette, the sax player.

Wednesday 28 November 2001

Possibly this is when Johanna first came to Jointaire rehearsal. After she leaves the boys are really excited. They decide to ask Andy to play drums, and keep this new and separate from Jointaire. Sometime just before this the Edgecomb's move to Mana, leaving Linden behind.

Tuesday 4 December

Supposed to be first night with whole new "Johanna" band, but Rob can't make it so Mat fills in on bass (and does a very good job too).

Sunday 9 December 2001

Leath, Rosie, Olivia and Kate's farewell. They're off to Auckland to attend Bible College, and there is a farewell do at the Edgecombe's. Even the Doctor is there. Steve and Leath sing "I Could Be Your Man". Rosie says that if she'd known Leath was going to do that she would have tried to stop him. The Doctor and Steve plan for the better late than never June 31st Tour.

Thursday 13 December 2001

Steve buys a Peavey Classic 50 4x10 amp off friend Bill Creighton. It's a big amp, and looks like an old Fender Bassman. Steve decides he needs more power to cut above the band. The Marshall is good, but just not loud enough when you've got other musicians honking around you. The Peavey has power to burn.

Friday 21 December 2001

Rob's "Carols On The Deck". This should become an annual event for Rob and his mates. Ripping through rock christmas carols on their SH1 facing deck.

Sunday 23 December 2001 - June 31st Tour 2001

The year 2001 finally gets a June 31st Tour. Steve, Tim and Tim G play at Kirks as Jointaire, then are met by Leath, Duncan, Mark and the recently returned from overseas Colin. The 7 of them then tour to the south end of the runway to watch a few planes land, then to some memorial up a little track round the south coast a bit. They sing lots of songs which the Doctor records on his laptop (though I still haven't heard them yet). Leath starts getting all excited about doing some vocals for the music Steve's been putting together on his computer, but he's going to Auckland on Boxing Day so it really is too late. Maybe some time next year.


Thursday 31 January 2002

Mat, Steve, Tim and Tim G have a jam at Tim's. They play through a few Great Uncle Pete songs, some Jointaire stuff too. A bit of everything, really.

February 2002 Sometime...

Johanna announces that Sian has got us a gig at Blue Note on 16th of March. Steve puts together CDs and the band starts rehearsing.

Friday March 1 2002

Steve's 2nd daughter Emma Grace Morrison is born. The Great Uncle Pete Daughters Band now has four members.

Saturday 16 March 2002

The gig at Blue Note. The band decide to call themselves "The Joseph Band" for want of a better name. We end up doing the following songs to rapturous applause (more than Great Uncle Pete has ever got): Wayfaring Stranger, Danny's All-Star Joint, Straighten Up And Fly Right (Sian on vocals), Someone to Watch Over Me (Sian again), and The Letter. We were playing as the warm-up act for a fashion parade, and we had to cut out set short because they were running so late. Sound problems again, too. The keyboard which was the only instrument going through the FOH was far too loud, then it cut out. Steve makes a silent vow not to do any more Great Uncle Pete or Joseph Band gigs with Tim until he buys an amp. he can't keep ruining our gigs like this. There was this lesbian woman doing MC and sound who seemed to think she was pretty hot. But no. We all had a sensational time anyway. The audience really seemed to like it, too

Tuesday 23 April 2002

The Joseph Band finally gets back into rehearsing. We're trying to do every second week, alternating with Jointaire.

Wednesday 1 May 2002

Steve finally decided to register www.greatunclepete.com again and point it through to the Fortune City site.

Friday 31 May 2002

Settlement day for Steve and Megan's house in Paremata.

Friday 7 June 2002

Opening night of Song and Dance, Steve's second show with Capital Theatre Productions. Not a long season - just 3 shows at Southwards and 4 at the Opera House - but the must was harder that Rush! so there were more rehearsals. Once again Steve is surrounded by some of Wellington's to musicians and honoured to be there.

Monday 1 July 2002

One days earlier and this could have been called the June 31st tour - if only Duncan was there. Leath, down in Wellington for the mid year break, comes round to Steve's to record some vocals. They do: I Could Be Your Man, You Don't Love Me Any More, Ambulance Man, Real Groovy, Ryan Works For Sailor Sam, EGB and You're 18. They also do backing vocals for East Cape, and try to do Green Light without much success. Steve decides Green Light needs a bit of re-writing to make it work properly. Steve puts in time over the next 3 months recording backing tracks and finishing the songs. In the interests of simplification, Steve plays all the instruments himself. Only the drums are midi now.

Monday 19 July 2002

Steve and Megan's move day. They now live just down Kahu road from the famous Johnson household (see The Arousal Incident). I hope the Police are ok with this.

Tuesday 17 September 2002

Steve and Rob play in the Tawa Music Festival. Most exciting part is getting wireless guitar leads and coming out onto the stage to perform Queen's "We Are The Champions" with Murray Cameron.

Saturday 23 November 2002

This weekend was to be The Joseph Band's next big gig - two in fact - at Coasters Theatre. But they were canalled due to a lack of ticket sales so the band takes the opportunity to spend a day recording at Steve's new studio. The Letter, Take Me To The River, Natural Woman, Ain't No Sunshine, People Get Ready, Hitchcock Railway, Wayfaring Stranger, Straighten Up and Fly Right and My Man are all recorded. Band records basic tracks first, then we did backing vocals, then lead vocals. Steve then spends a month recording his own guitar parts, as well as getting extra keyboards from Tim and replaced bass from Rob in places. All lots of fun and a good learning experience.

Monday 23 December 2002

The day of Rob's annual Christmas Carols on the Deck concert. We're a little more prepared this year and vow to be even more prepared next year.


Thursday 2 January 2003

A Great Uncle Pete Rock Band Jam. Steve and Leath rock it up with Tim on drums (first time he's done this at an official GUP rehearsal) and Mat back on bass. This was seen as small tight line-up of the four guys who know the GUP material the best and thus the easiest to jam with. It goes off. Everyone is excited. We will officially start rehearsing as a band again with the aim of doing a public performance of two before Leath and family head to Melbourne in mid February. So form now on, for the next two months at least, Great Uncle Pete is more than just a way of life - it's a band again!

We played through many classics, and even a new song "Xylophone" written by Steve to fill a gap in the alphabet of GUP songs (only "Q" and "Z" to go now). It was certainly nice having Mat on bass. I think Mat has this eternal fear that if he agrees to play bass, GUP will suddenly get world famous and he'll be internationally recognised as a bass player, when he really wants to be known as a guitar player. Oh, it's tough at the top. He's very kindly agreed to a one and a half month contract as bass player, which is very much appreciated,

Friday 3 January 2003 - June 3rd of the 1st Tour 2002 (10th Annual J31Tour)

We'll yes, a little late perhaps, but so was the 9th Annual so I expect a habit is forming. This time we got around it in the constitution by renaming it the "June 3rd of the 1st Tour". On the tour we had Steve, Leath, Duncan, Bronwyn and Colin. We met at J'ville Macs and drove in one car to Makara Beach. It was a bit windy, but being mid summer it was quite warm as still a bit light - quite unlike June 31st Tours should be. We walked round the track a little bit and sung a few songs, the we piled back into the car and drove to the sound shell at the Botanical Gardens which was a much easier place to record in. Using a laptop and external; microphone we recorded Driving Down The Road, Love Is Not Real, I Could Be Your Man and I Want To Be. Following that we went home. The evening was full of talk about Sex Therapy, the best parts of which we have recorded on the laptop.

Duncan and Bronwyn head to London next month for their OE, so they will probably miss the 11th Annual Tour. Duncan suggested they might be back for the 12th - especially if it's a delayed to the summer.

Sunday 5 January 2003

Rehearsal. Steve produces the "Great Uncle Pete Wad of Words" for Leath to use. A printed copy of all the words and chords for all the songs. This makes it much easier for Leath. The band work through the songs, playing some classics that hadn't been played for a long time.

Tuesday 7 January 2003

Another rehearsal.

Sunday 16 February 2003

Leath and family leave fro Melbourne. We never did get to do a gig.

Friday 28 March 2003

Mat, Tim and Steve travel to Auckland to see Bruce Springsteen. He is a God. There's nothing like a huge rock concert to inspire you to play. And that's lucky because we have a gig back in Wellington the next day.

Saturday 29th March 2003

After flying back from Auckland in the morning, Mat, Tim, Rob, Nicci Tong, and Steve - with help from a handful of guys from the UK - do a gig for Ray and Steph's wedding at a Vineyard in the Wairarapa. It's all covers. Acoustically, the venue is pretty bad, and we have way too much sound gear, but we have a good time and get a fairly good quality recording of the gig. The band doesn't have a name, but Tim wants to call it "SHE". Steve doesn't. We agree to disagree, and that band never gets named.

Saturday 7 June 2003

Still with no name, the same band gets a second gig - this time for Nicci's mother's wedding, held in the Plimmerton Hall. We don't record this gig, but we feel we play the songs a lot better. An encore is called for, and Steve introduces a songs he claims "no one he will know". We do a rocking version of "Ambulance Man", and after we finish it turns out there was someone in the audience who knew the song: it was none other than the First Lady of Great Uncle Pete herself, Mrs Edgecombe. The band has another good night, and manage to score a lot of beer to take home afterwards.

Friday 25 July 2003

Opening night for "Jesus Christ Superstar" at Tawa College. Steve is playing guitar. Steve loves the show and has a good time playing the funky 70s guitar stuff.

Wednesday 8 October 2003

Opening night for "Back To The 80s" at PLT. Steve is musical director. The band is a who's-who of GUP (and Tawa College) history. Mat 'Guitar' Paton, Tim 'nancy-organ' Barlow, and Tim Gillon, with Steve Kirkland on drums and Bob Flurty on percussion. Steve had spent 6 month preparing for this, and the band has a great time ripping through those 80 classics. Despite having such a good band, we don't really do any jamming. It was strange. Would have made a great line-up for GUP though, if we'd had the chance.

Sunday 12 November 2003

Steve takes the family to Ryan parents place to celebrate Ryan's 30th birthday. Ryan is flying planes somewhere in the world, but manages to stop in for his party. Simon, who is also back in the country, is unable to make it due to being in Tauranga at the time. A just excuse.

Friday 12 December 2003

Tim, Rob and Steve, along with "Rob Edger" (that's our Rob - Gary McCormick obviously can't read) big band, do some carols concert in Porirua. Tim doesn't get the bells in Snoopy's Christmas right.

Sunday 28 December 2003

Possibly on this day, Leath, Steve and families have lunch together in the Botanical Gardens. Leath and Rosie are back in NZ now for at least the next year. They also now have three children, meaning Leath is ahead of Steve again in the "GUP Children's Band" stakes. We also run into former GUP associate, David Shepherd.

And that was 2003. You'll notice there was no actual June 31st Tour in June. One thing that did happen this year, and I can't remember exactly when, though it was probably August/September sometime, Ryan, Simon and Steve all meet for lunch in Johnsonville. It was the first time the original GUP line-up had been together for many years. We had a lot of laughs. The most striking thing was that none of us had really changed - we'd all done many different things in the previous 13 years, but when we got together it was like nothing had changed. It was quite a nice feeling.


Thursday 5 February 2004

This year does actually start with a GUP gig! We play for Phil Edgecome's 21st birthday on the Edgecombe family deck, in Paremata. Leath, Mat, Tim, Rob and Steve play through many of the classics, as well as some of the covers we'd done in recent gigs. We were going to try some new songs - "Xylophone" and "No Strings Attached", but Steve had a cold, so decided not to attempt to sing. We don't start playing till about 11pm, but the neighbours had been warned and didn't seem to mind. We had a list of 36 songs we could have done, but ended up doing the following: Real Groovy, I Could Be Your Man, Ambulance Man, Lecture Theatre, I Want To Be, Desire, Where The Streets Have No Name, Back In Linden, Makara Beach, EGB, Tauranga, Dorothy Carrier Pigeon, (I Would Walk) 500 Miles, Ryan Works For Sailor Sam, Driving Down The Road. Rob did vocals for the U2 songs and Steve played bass, Mat and Rob shared bass for the other songs. Mark joined in with vocals for Driving Down The Road (as is tradition).

Saturday 14 February 2004

My calender says "Leath's Party, 8pm", but I have to admit I can't remember anything about this. It is his birthday, though.... actually, I remember now, it was cancelled as one of the kids or Rosie, or someone, was sick.

Saturday 13 March 2004

Gail and Colin's wedding. There was no GUP gig called for on this occasion, though some GUP reference was made in a telegram from the Doctor and Bronwyn in London. Can't remember what the joke was, but everyone laughed (though probably only Steve and Colin truly got it).

Saturday 27 March 2004

This was to be the first SIRENZ gig. SIRENZ are three female vocalists backed by a three piece band. Tia, Johanna and Monique, backed by Mat, Andy and Steve, playing Kiwi covers. The band love rehearsing together, they get on really well, and get the songs learned quickly and easily. The outdoor gig is canned due to too much wind.

Saturday 14 August 2004

Steve and family go to Leath and Rosie's for lunch. Rosie says that on June 31st this year she told Leath to "give Steve a call" (she was very keen to get him out of the house). Leath didn't, he's always hated touring (see interview in Rolling Stone). Looks like another year is slipping by without a June 31st Tour.

Tuesday 7 September 2004

Tawa College Music Festival - Steve playing guitar and banjo again. Ah, the Tawa College music department! Where were they when GUP were a struggling new band?

Saturday 4 December 2004

Brunch for Barlow. Tim finally lands his job for Sony in Auckland. Today is his farewell brunch. It turns into the Jointaire Christmas Funktion. Barlow leaves Steve with one of his octopads. Steve is excited.

Friday 10 December 2004

Xmas at the Landfill again (as I've heard it called). This time there is no Tim - just Steve and Rob and the big band. It's a great sound. Gary McCormick may even get Rob's name right this year.


Monday 3 January 2005

Now, if you have been paying attention you might assume this entry is going to be about a "Third of the First" tour. If you did, however, you'd be wrong. This day does instead mark the birth of Steve's twin daughters Jessica and Breanna. This probably rules out us having a Third-of-the-First tour in future years. We'll need to find another way to get the tour into summer.

Friday 25 February 2005

Since not much GUPish happens these days, I'll mention this: Today was SIRENZ long awaited first gig. At Bluenote in Wellington. Audience paid to see us - it goes off fairly well for a first gig. We do another gig the following week for a Kakapoti Classic mountain bike race. (Remember, the SIRENZ band - Mat, Andy and Steve are all GUP members...)

Sunday 6 March 2005

Steve goes to first rehearsal for PLTs production of Les Miserables. The Les Mis band will become very important...

Saturday 12 March 2005

Possibly this day - not actually marked in calender though. A farewell for Leath and Rosie is held. They're off to New Caledonia for two years. Towards the end of the evening, by popular request, Leath and Steve perform "I Could Be Your Man". Everyone loves it (except Rosie, who hates the song). Leath took the Number 10 with him - the locals love "rock" music.

Saturday 19 March 2005

Ah, the evening of the Mark Knopfler convert in New Plymouth. Steve's greatest guitar hero. The show is fantastic. MK very much is still the man.

Wednesday 27 April 2005

Opening night of Les Mis. The whole season rocked from beginning to end. The show was sold out before opening. The cast and band were all fantastic. The core of the band got on really, really well and jammed after every show - sometimes only for a couple of songs, sometimes for a couple of hours. After the season the band stay together as "The Catherine Norton Experience", Brent the bass player and Greg the sax player both join SIRENZ (Mat departs - he has always hated bass, remember), and Steve starts thinking about putting together yet another line-up for the GUP band.

Friday 1 July 2005 - June 31st Tour

With the Doctor back in the country this year, we finally get a June 31st Tour in. Duncan, Colin and Steve tour first to see Duncan and Bronwyn's new house in Karori, then onto Makara Beach. The "highlight" of the evening (and I use that team very loosely) was sitting in the car on Makara Beach, while a young couple in the car next to us proceeded to fold the back seats down and start steaming up the windows. Duncan swore he saw the guy putting on a red hard hat at one point. Following that we drove up Wrights Hill - bloody freezing up there! Much of the evening was videoed. No Bronwyn this year - she is becoming great with child.


Sometime in February 2006....

Leath and family come back to NZ for a brief visit. Steve only qualifies for a phone call, but he enjoys the contact none the less.

June/July 2006

Steve, Brent and Greg perform in the PLT musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying*.

Friday 29 September 2006

Great Uncle Pete - now Steve and Mat on guitars, Brent on bass, Greg on flute and saxophone and Andy on drums - play their first gig in I don't know how many years as the support act for a SIRENZ gig as Bluenote (another self promotion thing for SIRENZ). It was a good idea because the SIRENZ band IS GUP these days (with exception of Mat, but he was in SIRENZ once, so that kinda counts). The boys do a 35 min set consisting of the following songs: I Could Be Your Man, Ambulance Man, Makara Beach, Real Groovy, You Don't Love Me Any More, Xylophone, Rock at the End of the Bay, Green Light, Goodbye. The songs were well received. Xylophone and Rock are both make their GUP debut. Xylophone had been sung on a J31st tour, and had been rehearsed for Phil Edgecombe's 21st a few years back, but hadn't been performed that night due to Steve voice being out of sorts. Rock at the End of the Bay was effectively brand new. Musically it is slightly more ambitious than many of the other songs - it's nice to be able to extend ourselves a bit. The band were tighter on this night than they have ever been. The older we get, the better we get. Brent says we need to to aim to have SIRENZ opening for US!

Saturday 9th December

Steve musically directs the Porirua Christmas in the Park gig. Gets a mention here because the 15 piece band includes four current GUP members. Let's face it: all bands Steve is in are GUP in some form. Leath would always claim that Jointaire is what happened when GUP played jazz, and I guess you could say SIRENZ is what happens when GUP play covers. And this gig is what happens when GUP play Christmas carols (and grow a 9-piece horn section). Steve loves having all those fantastic musicians under his musical control.


March/April 2007

Steve, Brent and Greg, again at PLT, this time for "Chicago". Steve plays banjo and mandolin.

June/July/August 2007

GUP rehearse when they can throughout these months. They have a number of new songs they're working on now. A recording of new stuff is planned for later this year - the first for ages.

Sunday 12 August 2007

Steve, Brent and Andy set up at Steve's studio to lay down the rhythm section for the new GUP recordings. They work quickly, and 15 tracks are recorded in the day. Andy declares the next week that he's sick of recording thing "live", and him and Steve agree that the NEXT recording they will take more time over to get it right.

August/September 2007

The Greg and Mat come round for various sessions to overdub their parts for the new album. Steve records his guitar parts too. The number of tracks is dropped to 12 as three of the songs weren't working that well. The album flows a lot better now. Steve thinks 10-12 is a good number of tracks for an album - about 45 minutes of music. Any more than that and it to becomes hard to listen to in one sitting. And if you do manage it, the attention span of the listener tends to fade, and the album stops sounding like a cohesive album, and starts sounding more like a random collection of songs.

Tuesday 28 August 2007

Steve (still based in Nouvelle-Zelande) receives a new demo CD from Leath (still based in the jungles of Nouvelle Caledonie). The CD contains a new song entitled "We'll Take Tawa". The album cover contains the following notes: The Great Uncle Pete Jungle Band only uses the finest equipment: No. 10 guitars, PS/2 Value Point sound engineering systems (running Mac OS 10.5) and Crayola Crayons." The song is brilliant, and weaves the native jungle sound with that of classic and modern rock to produce one of Powell's finest pieces of work, and certainly the most polish sounding demo recording ever produced by the band - testament to the fact that when you have a nylon string guitar, a couple of pieces of bamboo and a coup of garage band, there is no limit to what you can achieve. The unfortunate part however, is that due to legal restrictions, Great Uncle Pete can neither make the song available for download, nor play it publicly. This may change. Legal teams are working round the clock to come to an agreement which would allow the song to be released.

September 2007

Album is nearly finished - just got the vocals to do. The band try to organise a time when they're all available to rehearse, or even jam. Owing to the busy schedules of band members it looks like being March 2008 before the band can get together again! Oh well, Great Uncle Pete has never been a band to rush anything.

Wednesday 24 October 2007

Dr Babbage delivers his own second son in the hallway of their house. "Better there than outside the Karori Mall" wrote Babbage. The event prompts Steve to write and record - all in very quick time - the song "Senior Midwife Babbage", which seeks to expose the myth that Duncan completed a PhD in Psychology, claim instead that he switched to midwifery after the first year, hence his flawless delivery of Caleb. The song can be heard here.

Saturday 8 December 2007

Steve, Brent, Greg and Andy and 11 others play as the "Cradle Rockers Christmas Big Band" at the "Porirua Christmas In The Park". Steve is musical director so the band sounds like GUP would if it had a 9 piece horn section. A good night had by all.

Sunday 9 December 2007

Steve signs GUP up to a competition at http://www.mangojo.co.nz. Not entirely sure how it works, but the competition netted some good feedback for Xylophone the song Steve entered:

TheNerines said: fukn awesome recorder solo

scarlet_fan said: Top of my playlist baby

Ethan said: I liked the use of differn't instruments like the Saxophone and recorder is it? I've never heard a track with recorder for a while. The song was a bit repitive but It defiantly hooks into your head which is what a good song should do. Lyrics I thought where a bit hmm.. Could have used better lyrics.

richardnytshow said: wiked. way diff than nething else iv heard

gatgurl said: Greetings Great Uncle Pete, Sax is soooooo dam sexy, so top marks for soul/sex appeal/spunk, when I hear a sax, especially when played like this one you automatically have a fan. Great song too, all the best. Regards, Sharls :)

nuggetmans said: Good Creativity

Mik said: Yeah, nice not sure what genre I'd find you in but i'd keep looking till i did

Danielle said: wow its really cool all of the instruments go together lol

Rozy said: i love this song i've been listnin 2 it constntly

oj said: this is really cool its funny and got a neat tune , love the flute!

Scarlet said: I lo0ve this song, ive been showing all my friends, i think its awesome i love the flute/pipe tune it gets me every time

Aygee said: lov in it G

ashacosmoflynn said: cool ideas, nice and clean, not pretentious at all, some tidy production would make this shine I recon

Reflexcondition said: Think i've judged this band be4 ...and so yeah as before ...cool direction ...keep it cumin'!

jeffreytennant said: haha nice

geetadave said: hehe oh how i missed the sweet sound of a recorder...

Didymojo said: tongue in cheek funny guys

MileZ said: wicked, crack up lyrics accompanied by a really great sound, i love it. maybe work on the vocals a bit but all up im a fan

Reflexcondition said: Has potential


Thursday 3 January 2008 - Third of the First Tour

Leath and Steve - together again. Not actually touring, but at this stage it doesn't really matter. Leath come round to visit Steve. Steve plays Leath the now completed new GUP album, and Leath shows Steve the stuff he has been doing with Garage Band. Both are impressed with the work of the other. They record live music videos for two new songs: 'First We Take Tawa' and 'Hiding In The Bushes' - the later also be inspired by the baby delivering Babbage.

Friday 4 January 2008 - Fourth of the First Tour

An actual tour. Leath and Steve make an unannounced tour to Karori to visit the Doctor and the Mrs. Steve went to the soccer earlier in the evening, so it's 10pm before they arrive at the Doctor's house. Neither Leath or Steve are entirely sure which house belongs to the Doctor, but upon hearing Doctor-speak emitting from one of the rooms in one of the houses, figure they have found the right place. Back again with guitars they start to sing - a tactic used for years by GUP members to get into each other houses uninvited (the sing-ee preferring to have the band inside the house than face the neighbourhood humiliation associated with leaving the band playing outside). They talk with the Babbage family long into the night. Another good night. This is the first tour to be videoed in HDV. Steve asks Duncan to be midwife for his next child, Duncan accepts on the condition that he is not involved in any of the pre- or post-natal care - just the birth itself - which is of course where is specialities lie.

Friday 9 May 2008 - The Flaming Nipple Emergency Tour

Leath and Steve once more ascend on the house of The Doctor. This time the band indulges in a spot of publicity when they walk up and down Courtney Place strumming their guitars while The Doctor swirls around them taking photos. They arrive home very late and very tired.

Saturday 18 May 2008 - 48 Hour Film Competition

After being asked to do the music a TVNZ based team 'Pancake Productions', Steve spends much of Saturday writing a soundtrack for a film that he has not seen - the soundtrack being completed before filming finished. Steve has Greg over in the evening to record a sax part. Not all the music was used in the final film, but a special edition single track remix version of the entire 5 minute soundtrack can be heard here. The completed video 'Resignation' is available on YouTube.

Saturday 26 July 2008 - Get The Funk Out Of My House

About 10 weeks prior to this rehearsal, Great Uncle Pete were offered a gig. Due to various unforseen circumstances they only managed to have one rehearsal. This was not good, given the amount of new material Steve wanted to do. Never the less, they had a successful rehearsal, and even managed to spontaniously write a new instrumental song. So here it is, complete with music video: Get The Funk Out Of My House

Saturday 9 July 2008 - Laurie Powell's Wedding

Great Uncle Pete's triumphant return to the Karori Baptist Church - the venue of one of their favourite gigs. This gig had initially lots of potential. They'd technically had a long time to rehearsal, they had a good band, and they had a much longer, better and more extravagent collection of songs. The did a ok job. They managed to perform a number of songs for the first time, including No Strings Attached, Senior Midwife Johnny, Amphibious Girl, Get Me Down, a brand new song call You Are Amazing, and a cover of a song Steve wrote many years ago for the Wandering Nomads entitled Old Beer. Rosie - the band's biggest critic - said it was the best she had ever heard us, but Steve wasn't convinced. The lack of rehearsal meant the songs weren't quite as tight as they should have been, and all the printed music the band were following later made Steve realise that the band had drifted too far from its raw rockin' roots - both in the performing and the content. Some of the new songs we seen as far too complex to really be considered as Great Uncle Pete songs. The 1996 gig at the same venue was better, Steve thought. Great Uncle Pete has always been about simple and light hearted stuff. The future of the band will see a return to this musical direction, which I'm sure will please die-heard fans who were finding more than three chords and 5 words hard to cope with. Having said all that, GUP have no future plans. In the months following this gig the guys have all been heading in separate directions, and haven't seen a lot of each other. Given time, I'm sure a new opportunity will arise.

Saturday 6 December 2008 - Christmas in the Park

Christmas in the Park again for Steve, Brent, Greg, Andy. Despite thinking last year that this year he would try to get GUP playing as a warm up act, SIRENZ end up doing it a second time. Probably makes sense. There is a Lower Hutt gig this year too. Two hot days, huge crowds.


Saturday 24 Janurary 2009 - Rob's 30th

Great Uncle Pete perform a somewhat spontanious concert on the Edgecombe's deck to celebrate Rob's 30th birthday. Rob, back visiting from the UK where he now lives, invited GUP to play as a support act to the main event of the night. GUP - consisting of Leath, Steve, Mat in their usual positions, Tim Barlow on drums, and Tim Gillon and Rob sharing bass duties - played Back In Linden, First We'll Take Tawa, Xylophone, Ambulance Man, I Could Be Your Man, Driving Down The Road. The Doctor joined the band for the final song. The crowd seemed to like it. Certainly the band liked it. Not really having had much chance to rehearse they still did a pretty good job. Mat played acoustic guitar through-out mainly as an experiment. The gig was significantly more relaxed and silly than pervious gigs, and it was great to have such a classic line-up together.

The band was then augmented by Simon Perris on vocals, and Phil Edgecombe on drums, with Barlow moving to keyboards, and playing through another nine or so covers chosen by Rob. Leath rejoined the band to provide vocals on Why Does Love.

Being outdoors, quite late and quite loud, the event was visited by the Noise Police who issued a written warning to the Edgecombe family stating that if a similar volume was reached within 72 hours, they'd be up for a $10k fine. I don;t think the managed it.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Steve writes and records songs for CentrePort promo.

Saturday 19 September 2009 - Recording

Leath and Steve get together at the Kahu Road Studios to record a new song of Leath's called "Sally The Seamstress". They meet on a number of other occasions to tidy up vocals etc. The songs is good, but Rosie doesn't like it. The boys continue to work on songs at various times throughout 2009 and 2010. Steve also works on producing recordings for other artists, as well as songs for a future GUP album of new material.


Friday 16 April 2010 - 48 Hours

Steve works again with Pancake Productions writing and recording music for their short film.

Friday 32nd June 2010 - 18th Annual June 31st Tour

Quite an historic tour. The first J31 since 2005, and even that was the first for a while, and didn't include Leath (who has generally done a good job of avoiding them). Rosie is out at the movies until 10:30pm, so it's late starting. The Doctor has been warned. Leath and Steve take to the car and visit the Doctor. To celebrate the 18th Tour (which is not actually the 18th tour, but could have been) they decide to hold a free show at the Botanical Gardens in Wellington at 1am (on June 33rd). Duncan tweets. No one turns up, but the band have a great time anyway "light painting" portraits of the band. They play a song too. Pancakes at the Doctor's follow, and home by 5am. Much of the evening is videoed.

Friday 15 October 2010

Steve records Leath singing the first song of his solo career: Bread Is Broken.

Friday 3 December 2010

Mat and Steve record the backing for Leath's Bread Is Broken. Mat plays all guitars and bass, Steve adds a few keyboards.

2011 - The 20th Year of GUP

Sunday 17th April 2011

Steve with his girls chance upon Phil Edgecombe with Leath's girls at Paremata School. Leath soon appears and talk turns to the band...

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Mat is approached to play bass in a rew cut back raw version of GUP. He responds in the negative: "For me it's a thing of the past - like cassette tapes, fun at the time, but not something I see being a part of my present or future. So I'm not interested in bass or guitar in GUP - that time has passed". And this only seven days short of the 20th Anniversary of his first jam with Steve and Leath.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Steve and Leath celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first meeting in the only way they know how. Jamming. Leath on vocals and bass, Phil on drums and Steve on guitar. They play through Sally The Seamstress, Xylophone, First We'll Take Tawa, Lecture Theatre and Ambulance Man. They decide that improved though Leath is on bass, they probably need to find a real bass player if they're going to be any kind of serious force in the world of rock music.

Friday Friday 1 July 2011* - 19th Annual June 31st Tour

Steve, Leath and James Edgecombe have probably the worst organised and executed June 31st Tour ever. It starts about 11pm - possibly later - when the boys drive to the Doctor's house. As is often the case the Doctor hadn't been warned. They have trouble finding the house but make it there eventually. The Doctor's house looks all dark and quiet. The boys all try calling him. The number Steve has for him turns out to be that of Nick Trugly. The number Leath has turns out to be Bronywn's. James has the correct number, but none of the numbers we call are answered. We give up and drive home. End of tour. It turned out that the Doctor had that day got home from an overseas conference and was asleep in bed when we visited. It was probably lucky they both had their phones off. Much of the talk during the evening is on high school education - Leath and James both being high school teachers and Steve being a high school parent. James says he recently confiscated an extremely well drawn penis produced by one of the his students at Wellington College. Apparently word got round the staff room about the quality and accuracy of this drawing and many staff members appeared at James's office wanting to see the article first hand.

2012 - The 21st Year of GUP

Thursday 23 February 2012

Steve - while out for a stroll at lunchtime - happens to bump into former drummer Michael Thomas. These two haven't seen each other since possibly mid 1998, shortly after Mat left for the UK when the classic line up ended. There is much to talk about. Mike is married with a couple of children. He gave up drums and sold his kit about 5 years earlier. Talk turned to a reunion jam of sorts - Mike is keen and thinks he can borrow a kit. Steve starts pondering the best way to pull this off. Leath will be keen, but getting Mat on board would be more of a problem. Steve email Mat. Mat doesn't sat no outright, which is a good start, but he doesn't say yes outright either.

Saturday 26 February 2012

Steve comes up with the idea of the classic Leath-Steve-Mat-Mike GUP line-up recreating their most famous gig: Michael Buck's 21st. Fitting since it is now our 21st year. The songs played were good, but he thinks they should replace Now I'm Blue with Xylophone, and Mr Discomonger with I Could Be Your Man. A short sharp gig. Yes. That would work. All we need now is a venue. And Mat, of course.