Simon 4-May-1991
Theology 5-Jul-1991
Tauranga 5-Jul-1991
Wellington 12-Aug-1991
Ohingiti Chicken Blues 25-Oct-1991
Guitars On The Run 1-Nov-1991
Sausages 1-Nov-1991
Opanaki 2-Nov-1991
Carol Singing 7-Dec-1991
Our New Song 7-Dec-1991
Goodbye 20-Dec-1991
Foxton Calling 29-Dec-1991
Get Me Down 1-Jan-1992
Nobody Else Will 2-Jan-1992
Mr Fishmonger 2-Jan-1992
Age Of Aquarius 2-Jan-1992
Uncle Loose 14-Jan-1992
Cm9 22-Jan-1992
Jazz Song 5-Feb-1992
Spleen Song 5-Feb-1992
At The Zoo 16-Feb-1992
Simon's Going To Hawaii 27-Feb-1992
Lorraine 20-Jun-1992
I Want A Girlfriend 20-Jun-1992
Last Song 20-Jun-1992
Suburbian Dream 20-Jun-1992
Country Song 20-Jun-1992
If It's True 20-Jun-1992
Useless 20-Jun-1992
Happy Birthday - Yee-Ha! 10-Aug-1992
Ryan Works For Sailor Sam 19-Aug-1992
Maree, You're Nice 29-Aug-1992
Green Bananas 29-Aug-1992
Oh, What A Mess 29-Aug-1992
Melodies In The Car 23-Oct-1992
Negatives In The Sand 6-Nov-1992
Hey, Mr Blues Man 7-Nov-1992
Tredia's Dead (1) 20-Nov-1992
Ryan - We're Coming To Visit You 20-Nov-1992
Cold Finger Blues 20-Nov-1992
Standing In Redwood Avenue 20-Nov-1992
Tredia's Dead (2) 20-Nov-1992
I'm Single And I'm In My Prime 25-Nov-1992
B Is For Bronwyn 25-Nov-1992
Brendan 25-Nov-1992
Always A Joint 25-Nov-1992
I Wait For You 25-Nov-1992
Lorraine, We've Come To Sing You A Song 25-Nov-1992
Standing Alone 25-Nov-1992
This Song Sux 25-Nov-1992
Another Song 18-Dec-1992
Piece Of Wood 18-Dec-1992
Fish 'n Chips 18-Dec-1992
Joint Of Our Lives 18-Dec-1992
I Miss You 20-Jan-1993
Honesty Box 20-Jan-1993
Norsewood 20-Jan-1993
East Cape 21-Jan-1993
Driving Down The Road 21-Jan-1993
You're 18 21-Jan-1993
Alphabet Song 21-Jan-1993
I Can Not Play The Harmonica 16-Feb-1993
Chartered Accountants 22-Feb-1993
Take Me Away Ferenalli 26-Feb-1993
Otumirae 26-Feb-1993
Kimberley 26-Feb-1993
Little Girl Of Love 16-Mar-1993
Duncan's Having A Hair Cut 20-Mar-1993
Overlocker 30-Jun-1993
Blow That Thing 15-Nov-1993
Last Song II 15-Nov-1993
Emerson Durge 15-Nov-1993
Rhythm Guitarist On Sedatives 15-Nov-1993
EGB 20-Nov-1993
If Love Is Not Real 20-Nov-1993
Fat Woman With Dogs 20-Nov-1993
Protest Song 20-Nov-1993
Hopi Indians 1-Dec-1993
Makara Beach In The Sun 1-Dec-1993
Makara Beach 1-Dec-1993
BBQ On The Roof 15-Jan-1994
At The Bay 15-Jan-1994
Wainuiomata Left Out Of Float 15-Jan-1994
Now I'm Blue 20-Jan-1994
Lecture Theatre 1-Jul-1994
Won't You Marry Me? 9-Jul-1994
Claudia Jane 9-Jul-1994
Welcome To You 9-Jul-1994
FAC 23-Sep-1994
Never Regret Loving You 23-Sep-1994
Do You Remember? 23-Sep-1994
Lays Her Head 23-Sep-1994
Green Light 18-Oct-1994
Going Home 1-Nov-1994
Real Groovy 1-Nov-1994
Geoffrey 1-Nov-1994
Emily 1-Nov-1994
Dorothy 1-Nov-1994
Maree And Mandy, You're 21 3-Jun-1995
I Want To Be 30-Jun-1995
Ambulance Man 30-Jun-1995
Kapiti Island 4-Aug-1995
Baby Blue Eyes 26-Oct-1995
In The Summer Time 23-Nov-1995
Two Is Better Than One 30-Nov-1995
The Things That You Can Get Away With 8-Dec-1995
Lovely, Lovely Day 8-Feb-1996
Syndrome 13-Feb-1996
Too Many Cliché's 18-Mar-1996
Dave, Dave, Dave 4-Dec-1996
Back In Linden 3-Jan-1997
Married Couple 13-Feb-1997
You Don't Love Me Any More 1-Apr-1997
Twenty One Today (for Jimmy version) 23-Sep-1997
It's Just A Shame 1-Jan-1998
I Could Be Your Man 7-Jun-1998
Roller Disco 27-Oct-2000
Firetruck 24-Mar-2001
Mrs Johnson Arousal Song 7-May-2001
When You're All Alone 23-May-2001
Xylophone 18-Dec-2002
No Strings Attached 1-Jul-2003
Girl On My Street 23-Aug-2003
Please Don't You Waste My Time 9-Jan-2004
Rock At The End of the Bay 15-Jan-2004
Absolute Zero 15-Jan-2004
Amphibious Girl 5-May-2007
First We'll Take Tawa 29-Sep-2007
Senior Midwife Babbage 28-Oct-2007
Hiding In The Bushes 28-Oct-2007
Black Doris 6-May-2008
Julia 4-Jun-2008
You Are Amazing 12-Jun-2008
Crazy Crazy Love 18-Apr-2009
Sally The Seamstress 19-Sep-2009
Summer of Unrequited Love 16-Nov-2009
Our Return To Rockstar Glory 22-Nov-2009

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